Please Bench These Users

in #abuselast year

Please bench the following users for plagiarism and farming:
@saania, @nishha, @nilua, @frecs, @benuu, @alimun, @alberuni, @michaelisikoff, @lucasliamu, @khadizatul.

This is a screenshot of @shihabieee's Steemworld delegation page.


@shihabieee is sponsoring these accounts with delegations.

The users marked with green were banned as a result of this penalty box post. The reason was spamming the Sportstalksocial platform with three very low quality posts that can't even be called a post. Unfortunately due to some unknown reasons only a few of the users mentioned in the post were benched.

Nine of the users I've mentioned above, @saania, @nishha, @nilua, @frecs, @benuu, @alimun, @alberuni, @michaelisikoff, @lucasliamu are using dlike to post plagiarized content. They are posting comments made by users on YouTube. It's simple copy paste from two or three users. All of their post is plagiarized.

@khadizatul is the account they have delegated their sports tokens and using it to upvote their plagiarized posts.


This is a circle that adds no value to the platform.

I am requesting the other referees to review the facts and @sportstalksocial to bench these accounts after the conditions were met.


This is a circle thats been farming dlike and then SPortstalk from the start. They add zero value and the place would be better without them.

These accounts have been sent to the penalty box.