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I am reposting this article from my friend's website: just to get the word out - since it's a MEDIA BLACKOUT

Below is an excerpt from her article:

Did you know that there was a world scale tragedy in Acapulco a few days ago?

Acapulco was destroyed by 300 km an hour winds on Wednesday October 25, 2023 around 1 am. The storm was weak in the evening and strengthened after they went to bed becoming a Category 5 with fastest winds ever recorded.

My (friend's) Stepdaughter has been found! She is OK.

Thank you Jeff Berwick and his Acapulco Recovery Team who after getting crossed wires persevered over the weekend and found her and her extended family! They were able to provide aid until my partner arrived on site on October 31.

Why are the news channels silent about this tragedy?

I am hearing from many people that there is nothing in the news about this tragedy that has left just about a MILLION people displaced, in ruined houses, without power, communication or water. My partners 8 year old daughter survived… we know from one tiny text message and we have heard nothing since… It’s time to take drastic action.

As Acapulco slowly stands up after this completely devastating event there is a pungent smell of sewage and decay permeating everything. The concerns of cholera and diphtheria are valid. This is a crucial time to deliver aid to these people.

This was a shockingly extreme and fast-forming hurricane. The destruction is extensive, and many people have been left homeless with all of their possessions blown away by the winds. The situation is dire, and the people of Acapulco are in urgent need of assistance.

What are we doing about it? Personally and in conjunction with the group efforts.

My involvement is two fold. I am helping the Anarchapulco team with their efforts behind the scenes and I am also sending my own truck filled with supplies there tomorrow. More about that below.

The Anarchapulco team and Jeff Berwick are doing they can. I have joined the support group and I am helping by writing and helping to coordinate trucks and facilitate sharing of the information. This is Jeff’s fundraiser: - is also Jeff Berwick's fundraiser

To date, many community members who reside in Acapulco have been confirmed safe. We are still looking for others who have not made contact.

There are hundreds of displaced people and many dead (there are a lot of conflicting reports but people who are present report bodies washing up on beaches along the bay). Jeff has been sending trucks with food and supplies and they are actively helping the area between Bonfil and La Cima, including Diamante and La Isla. They are setting up soup kitchens and resource centers in those areas. The military has been helping and working alongside.

We have seen very few other agencies present in this area delivering food or water. The government’s efforts are centered near downtown. The Red Cross just entered the area yesterday.

We got one message from our friend who was "missing" - thank God!