Actifit Updates: Actifit Web Keychain Integration Live💥 OCD Curation Support Collab 💪😍 Additional Developments & More

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We are excited to bring you another one of our actifit updates, with major items on our plates which we pointed at on our last week's update.

Actifit Web Keychain Integration Live💥

As of today, we have officially pushed an integration to hive keychain via our web experience.
Supporting keychain has been on our list for a long while, yet due to the complexity of our interim processes and middleware, we delayed this integration until now. Finally its LIVE!
So starting today, our login features a keychain option which combined with your username, will allow authentication of your account ownership and proceed with logging you onto


Additionally, we have integrated keychain into our different aspects of user experience, including voting, posting, commenting, and across all functionality in the wallet page.
So using keys on is no longer a necessity.
The market page functionality relating to blockchain usage and keychain integration has still not been completed, but should be out over the coming few days.

OCD Curation Support Collab 💪😍

We hinted last week onto a new collaboration with a cool initiative, and here it is!
We are thrilled to announce that following our discussion with @acidyo, we joined OCD community support initiative (@ocdb).
As of last Saturday, OCD started supporting high quality content on actifit.
The reasons behind this collab are three-fold. We basically wanted to:

  • Increase the rewards to our existing high-quality content writers(in addition to our existing quality content focused report rewards and weekly staff picks selections)
  • Bring in new fitness bloggers to actifit and hive with quality focus
  • Motivate existing users to write better quality content and compete over rewards.
    As we do for staff picks, our team curates reports for extra rewards. Several reports have already received OCD upvotes since then.
    We will use a new account (@actifit.curate) to push updates and announcements about curated posts and content, so make sure to follow and check regularly.

Additional Developments Pushed

In addition to the above updates, we also pushed several features and fixes to, as follows:

  • Implement wallet balance updates post actions
  • Improve twitter sharing from actifit web to include preview data
  • Adjust wallet layout for transactions to 3D
  • Append 3speak video count to user profile
  • Fix issue with tag entry on post creation
  • Fix issue with dual display of actions for both hive-engine tokens and hive core tokens
  • Offboard old wallet (V1) - end of life

Next Steps

We are collaborating with the 3speak team and progressing on the video creation functionality from within web.
We expect to roll out the keychain market updates over the coming few days.
Additionally, a lot of tweaks will be coming to the post creation screen as well as the other new screens added to the actifit web experience.
Some other major features include the new revamped social experience which we plan to launch in the coming couple of months, alongside a large scale list of functionality in the pipeline.
Additional login options are planned as well highlighted in the proposal above..

We would love to hear your feedback about those new improvements and any suggestions you would have.

For a full preview of our 2023 plans, check out our DHF proposal and consider voting in support:

Actifit team


Glad to have you guys on board in the community incubation and looking forward to see what that means for the content produced by actifitters all across the globe! Might get some more people to become more active as well, I know I want need to. :D

haha don't let us stop you!
new promotion:
let's get acid moviiin 😄🏃

I will not miss having to copy-paste my key to log in! A small thing, but it feels like a big QOL improvement haha. OCD curation is also amazing! Things are looking bright for the future of Actifit 😁

These are awesome news! I don't know what I'm excited about more, Keychain, OCD or V1 wallet going to history 😋

Who is the Actifit team now?

hey @tarazkp !

the team has several members helping out with different tasks, @mcfarhat being the lead dev, and members include @pjansen, @alfamano, @priyanarc, @silvertop, @kpreddy ... to name a few.

Join us on discord if you'd like to have a chat!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @actifit ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

This is awesome!
I will definitely make a post about it and it reminded me to .. be a little more active also by feet :)
Off to more reports!

Let's keep going 😊💪

It's always great to be collaborating with different Hive communities. Key chain integration was due since a long time and it's finally here👍👍. I'm sure many and many people are going to join the Actifit revolution.


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