Actifit Update ⛄

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Just a quick update that I think everyone in the actifit community should take advantage while it last so here is the list in the market place inside the actifit app that is available

First of all make sure you have more than 5000 afit token to get as many rewards as possible without the 5000 afit in your wallet you will NOT receive any afit token rewards with every actifit report you make so please keep that in mind.

1 . Double Raindeer 🎅
you can get this with level 30 rank to get 100% boost on your afit token rewards

2 . Ranker Tree 🌲
As stated you get +15 on your rank the reason why you need this the higher your rank the better your rewards also you can unlock better items to boost your earnings with actifit 😊

3 . Sports Chimney ⛹️
You get 50% boost on your sports token rewards with each post grab this opportunity while you still can.

If you want the official update from actifit themselves go here

Any questions feel free to join the discord channel by actifit team actifit discord

Hope you get something from this post take care and keep safe everyone and advance Merry Christmas ⛄ to all!

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  • New goal: reinvest 50% of earnings into HP and 100% to Alive Token Staked

All of this work is for me and my family, that's the future.

I'm not a financial advisor I'm just planning for myself please be aware everything that we do there is risks involved

  • For family everything is possible.
  • The next goal is to invite new people to HIVE.

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I want to be successful enough to be able to bless others with my success.

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  • Every decision you make there are consequences. Every decision you didn't make there are consequences
  • live your life 🧬 like tomorrow is the end!
  • Train your body just like you train your mind.
  • If you forget why you work so hard calm down reset and tell yourself which is working and which is not. Remind yourself why you started.
  • People who despise you and look for flaws in you or make up stories about you can't stand you because their demons can't handle your greatness.
  • It's a sign that you're on the right route and at the appropriate time right now when you look back on your past and feel like throwing up.
  • Nothing lasts forever so don't think on it for too long whatever is lost is lost whatever is gain is gain
  • Work hard and get obsessed when you're young so you can retire early and enjoy life. Life is meant to be enjoyed not to be stuck in the same cycle.
  • There is so many negative crap in the internet these days let's make Hive a place for positivity and growth 🚀


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