My Actifit Report Card: November 3 2019

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Not a big step count today but still managed to swim 1km, which is no easy task. November is here, last 60 days before 2020, big push from our execs to make our sales goal for the year. Lots of long days ahead, the countdown is on

Daily Activity
186 cm
80 kg
Body Fat
16 %


Downvoting your post because it brings NOTHING to this platform in my opinion...don't worry i'm sure pharesim and the OCD gang will be by to tickle your balls soon. In my opinion these actifit posts are nothing more than over glorified spam.

@actifit is one of the most active communities on this platform, both in bringing on new users into the cryptosphere and promoting a healthy lifestyle. I have about 15k in SP and my average actifit post is worth $1USD. Your downvotes don't dissuade me, but new users will see your ignorance and quickly leave this platform and blockchain, great way to help promote Steem, increase our user base and push the price of Steem in the right direction.
I'm not even going to touch on the value of posts because everything is subjective and I can go on at length about your useless Bronco posts, but will save that for another time. All in all, this type of behaviour does nothing to help Steem grow, keep it up and keep seeing your investment go to shit

I hear ya man, but at this point I don’t care what happens to Steemit because the groups you support like Curangel, OCDB, Pharesim and Acidyo downvote me even AFTER I agreed to remove all my voting bots. How does it feel to have a post waacked for no reason? It sucks right? Then why do you support what they are about? My Steem power has a say so here too. Don’t worry, Pharesim & Acidyo have another bot to counter any flag I throw so it won’t effect you one bit (you will probably make much more) .....until Steemit becomes much bigger and he can’t watch it all. I wish you would just remove your delegation really and vote good content yourself. That being said I personally think posting activfit results everyday and only that everyday offers very little value. Just my opinion, I realize activfit helps the blockchain but the post from everyone doesn’t help in my opinion. My first votes against you was before I made a deal with them but then you retaliated which I expected and the hit ya again. I’m done now but I’m f you want more to continue just downvote my last post and along we go. Like I said though, Steem Czar Pharesim will protect you so don’t worry. When he stops his shit and the rest of those centralized dictators do as well.....I will use my votes to upvote more useful things. Until then....I gotta do what i gotta do, why should i care?

Curangel was an initiative to help grow the community and that is why I delegated to it. 1000SP is far from a lot, but it's good to have people who want to support the blockchain and help it grow. The same reason why I also delegate to @actifit, becuase its good for the community as a whole.
I manually upvote about 90% of the content and the other 10% are for communities that I have been part of in the past, nothing wrong with this.
As for daily actifit posts adding to the value, from a content side, I agree, they are of little substance. However, from an accountability perspective, a daily reminder to be active and actually be rewarded for living a healthy lifestyle, that adds a lot.
This is not the first time I have been downvoted, nor do I expect it to be the last, but your actions do nothing but create more hostility to an already fragile environment. I have thick skin, so it won't change my macro view at all, but it might dissuade some users which detracts from the overall goal of Steem.
You should care because you've made an investment in this ecosystem, much more than the average user and by airing out your frustrations on someone who has been active for a long time, trying to help this blockchain grow and become mainstream, well, that seems very counterproductive.

You should have this conversation with Acidyo and Pharesim and the rest of the cure and ocd fanboys. I’m done with y’all.

I am not part of OCD, nor have I conversed with Acidyo or Pharesim in over a year. I don't play favourites, I don't use bid bots and I don't do circle jerks. I try to find projects that promote the growth of this platform, if that's guilt by association then so be it.

Well they both run Curangel and OCDB....and have the largest stakes in those flagging services. I would say your one of the supporters of what they are doing by delegating. Jus sayin....

I don’t care if you only delegate 100. You Gabe your power away to someone who is abusing it....that makes you guilty by association.

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