Actifit Ulog - 20 October 2021 - Day 33 - Day 37 of my 100 days to recovery

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Yes I have been exercising!

Hi everyone! I have been missing for a couple of day but have not been complacent. I was down over the weekend with a mild fever and joint ache. Yes the first thing did come to mind... COVID? I didn't seem to have any other symptoms so I thought maybe I would see how the next few days go and I am glad to say that as of yesterday, I was already feeling much better and as you can see from my activity records, I have managed to get back to exercising and moving again.

But I missed posting today's activity on time through Actifit as I was so distracted by BTC and ETH. Sigh I really need to stay focused!

So what happened over the weekend was I woke up on Saturday morning with a splitting headache which is really unusual as I rarely get headaches. I was feeling pretty bad through out the day and went to bed early. I woke up on Sunday and felt a little better and decided to do a little grocery shopping. But by late afternoon, I was again feeling unwell, extremely exhausted and my temperature seemed to be rising! Once again I went to bed really early and come Monday, I didn't make it to work. I decided to work from home and stay away from people as I was really worried that it might turn out to be something. I took it easy on Monday and once again slept very early and by Tuesday I was as good as new. What a blessing it was that Tuesday was a public holiday!

We decided to go on a day trip to Sekinchan to see the rice fields and get out to the country side a little for a change of scenery. It has been too long since we got out because of the lockdown. The kids were so happy and excited. I will share another post just on our trip later so watch out for it. In the meantime I will leave you with a teaser photo of how beautiful it was! The weather was also excellent yesterday with blue sunny skies.

The padi fields are so pretty! Fresh air and open areas!

Today was a really busy day at work and when I got home, we decided to go a bike ride. Compared to yesterday the weather was quite bad today as it was raining heavily and thunder storms since the late afternoon. All the road and paths were wet and slippery. Little Murtabak took a tumble when his bike slid on a turn and guess what I was next! I wasn't even going fast, in fact, I was telling myself to be really careful and to slow down at the turns to stay safe BUT to no avail! My bicycle wheel slid and before I knew what had happened, I fell off my bike and landed face down on my stomach! Ouch indeed! I got the wind totally knocked out of me and I sat there for quite a while trying to catch my breath.

Even as I am typing this post, I am still a little short of breath and will head to bed after I am done posting. Yes, I know...I really need to be careful. I don't want to hurt somewhere else when I am still working on my knee recovery. Plus you really don't want to fall as your get older. I am glad to say that I am ok with just some bruises on my palms which I used to break my fall and the slight breathlessness...I am ok.

Hope your midweek Wednesday was good! Good night!


p/s BTC just made a new ATH at 67K as I am typing this post! So excited so sleep is really the last thing on my mind at the moment. ETH is currently at 4K and looking to be heading to the previous ATH. Exciting times to be alive and in crypto!