Actifit Report

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Hello!!! Blockchain Friends

Wicked report!! Coming to you today from the one and only Horseshoe Canyon, Badlands, near Drumheller, AB.

The Actifit App wouldn't let me post. Didn't want this to not be seen. I hope it works!! :)

Amazing sky. Awesome energy. Perfect company. Really good day!! 18051 Steps, Woohoo!! 😃

Really awesome place to experience. My kids love it here a lot.

Awesome! 😃


Dang, not sure why photos aren't loading 🤔

Lol this hard fork business I would assume it’s not been playing nice with me either

Very special place! You’re so lucky to be hiking in many wonderful places!!

Canada must be a hikers dream looks like you could spend a life time exploring the various paths and mountains

Things were really weird for a few days with the hard fork, but it seems to be getting back to normal now.