Firstly, thanks for the laughs 😂 Loving the tone of your video.

All that technology screams Big Brother! And yet what is more scary is that people are actually buying into it like lab rats, (the tech, and utter nonsense that's sprouting out the governments mouth!)

I'm 25 and most of my friends and family have bought into this whole shambles, it's quite worrying, I just wonder what kind of future awaits.

Also, I've never heard the term 'bucket of shit' before but that is now definitely in my vocab! Haha! And I agree with you, what happened was absolutely disgusting, nothing but vermin! They're all on power trips. I am currently in South Africa and it's the same here, right down to stopping the sale of cigarettes, time frames as to when you can purchase alcohol (which has only just been allowed again) I'm not even sure how any of that is supposed to help 'flatten the curve' of this Covid crap! Anyway, they've shot themselves in the foot as that's a major economy booster! Mob mentality policing who get there kicks from man handling the people, picking and choosing who to punish for totally unjustifiable things, like for instance, exercise!

As far as I'm concerned, they can attempt to strip us bare of our basic human rights, but they cannot take freedom of thought (I would say freedom of speech too but it seems even YouTube are dictating to us what we can and can't watch, like we are children) but my thoughts are my own (and sometimes for others to hear haha!)

Thanks for sharing your video, very hard hitting ending, but that's the truth, people need to remove their blinkers and realise there's a whole lot of 'buckets of shit' around! ✌️

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thank you Quirk-it