Thanks Max.

Happy to see he makes also posts here :)

he is a mainstream media supporting troll who always seems to forget to flag his own trash. He is apposed to free speech and open discussions and is one of the reasons Hive seems to be going the way of Steemit

Well done @maxigan!
This Blockchain has some serious advantages over other media platforms that can help you avoid duplicitous manipulations.

Hope to see more of you.
HIVE.ON Bruv 👏😎🥓👍

Npr Max @maxigan ...I see it ☺👌
Just not stop and put more your cool videos and info up, I try share them .

And Hi from Estonia ☺👌

you see that? he has it set to auto post his self identification of a fuckwit sign on every post I make.... I think thats about it for me and Hive, this place is full of gay bitches

Not get mad on this pointles user, it looks to me 100% that what it wants to achieve (to get you mad). Just post more your videos and not stop.
Every day someone wakes up and it realize that mainstreem media is big fake stories and shit users.
But I not fucking care what they do or think, thats why I want see every day more that you make posts and stories. @maxigan

And sorry... my English week, I try text ok.

Homophobic slur out of rage is a bad look even for a pretend anarchist.
Your content IS garbage though.
Your push sensationalism too much.
Even before you went apocalyptic you overly used corny catch phrases and repeated the same same over and over.
Sure you got an audience but so did The Wiggles.

all good... and apparently according to xxxxx's guy here, he is also a cry baby flat earther so that may also explain his trolling

Cry baby flat earther.