truth is nice

Hey @maxigan you should upload ur videos to hive by using

been trying but I cant get past the stage where I link my Hive account, it asks for my active posting key, I enter it and click next, and it lags forever on that page. Ive attempted it half a dozen times over as many days, but it always hangs on that page... will try again soon

Thanks for ur patience max! We will take a look and get back to you.

@maxigan have you made sure that you are entering either the posting key or the active key? There is no such thing as an active posting key, only either Active or posting. I hope this helps! Will be great to see you on threespeak! We have a lot of interesting announcements to make in the Sunday’s AMA. We are going to ensure freespeech using technology! Censorship resistant tech on Web 3.0 is the future

ya Im using the right key, it may simply be due to my ultracrappy bandwidth at home too

Ok. We will figure something out