Rest in peace @adept

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It is with heavy hearts that we inform the community that we have lost one of our own: @adept.

An unceasing entrepreneur, @adept first came to the attention of Steemit when he began selling apparel through Amazon. @craig-grant told @ned; @ned contacted @adept; and the rest is history.

And that’s how was born. Just recently he became a full-time employee and the people he worked with were excited about their future together.

@adept was always cheerful and a pleasure to work or chat with. He was open-minded and eager to be of service to the blockchain world, to which he devoted himself very early on, having discovered Bitcoin in 2011. He followed all of the projects in the space, and is even credited with having created the Litecoin “Ł,” but was most generous with his support of Steem. One need only read his post My List of Steem Related Domains and Project Ideas to get an idea of his passion.

In the following YouTube video, he talks about his various passions in classic @adept-style:

He was a critical thinker who formed his own beliefs and lived life his way. We all loved working with him and are missing him dearly. We include two more videos of his below, if you would like to get a better sense of the person he was.

They say, “Just start creating content and that’s all you have to do”:

Have you ever traveled through time like this?

@adept you will be missed.

Team Steemit

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I will love you forever@adept. You are the most beautiful cosmic being I have ever met in my entire life. I hold for you an eternal gratitude for all you have taught me. You are a blessing to my existence. My soul.

So sorry for your loss..

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Shes just lost someone she loved is your video on dtube nescessary g?

I am so sorry for your loss. I can not imagine. May you have peace.

Luke, my dear friend. It has been an honour having experienced friendship and memorable times with you. You have impacted my life more than once, and gave new perspective. It sure has been a blessing to know you. I got to watch you become a Legend. Your words of wisdom and intellect, your ego-less personality, and your dance moves at the raves.
Love you brother. Never forgotten, Always missedPhoto_on_2-1-18_at_3.23_PM.jpg
He took this picture soon before his passing on. He was on a rooftop in the Bronx in NYC.

This is a memory of a good time with him and his Love, @Seer. Myself in the middle. He could definitely dance. He would always be up at the front of the stage, and just flow with the beat. He was an inspiring friend.

I was slightly surprised to know that i'd missed an open mic he did because i was outside smoking and didn't expect that to happen. I shouldn't have been. He was so many different things. Miss him. Miss you too.

Surprised to know that our great hero is no more.
Though you're gone, your legacies live on@adapt.
Wishing your loved ones and indeed the steemit community "solace and fortitude"

From my observations, steemitblog tends to voluntarily decline payment for his posts.
Rare gem. Kudos@steemitblog

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I completely agree. Instead of showing respect and heart, some users just seek attention. Shame young-cs

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Do you do the same at funerals? Go up and try to introduce yourself to get in with the higher-ups? Pretty sure you'd get punched in the face for that in real life.

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I'm sorry

Threats now? Hm. FLAG.

Its almost unbelievable (and yet here it is) that you would come to a post about someone we care abut who has died and try and shill your crap. Your rep here on Steemit will be destroyed as SHOULD BE .

Luke made the Joe Rogan podcast!

Should get at least 500k views.

The Steemit Shop

Holy shit this is really getting out there!!

It's always sad news to hear of someone passing, but this was one guy that seemed to want to do more for Steemit than he wanted to get out.

My thoughts are with his friends and family at this sad time.

Absolutely. No question about that.

Is anything needed for his family? Is there anything we, the Steemit community can do to help his wife and family?

Hi steemin it's very nice and honey . I hope you spent a good time here .. This a better place to enjoy your time . your introduction is good and you look best . plz upvoting and comment

Hi steemin it's very nice and honey . I hope you spent a good time here .. This a better place to enjoy your time . your introduction is good and you look best . plz upvoting and comment

This is completely irrelevant AND DISRESPECTFUL to this post and should be removed immediately.

Its almost unbelievable that you would come to a post about someone we care abut who has died and try and shill your crap. Your rep here on Steemit will be destroyed as SHOULD BE .

We gonna miss you so much @adept !!!! Great friend father husband and entrepreneur!!!!! I'm glad I got to meet you in real life. You will always be remembered big homie!!!!!

I want to use up all my voting power here, but luke would say that was funny but stupid, so i won't. I miss "adept" probably as much as you do, maybe not as deeply as some people who've known him for life or many years, but a LOT. I bothered him SO MUCH. But i still managed to get a laugh from him like half the time i said something ridiculous. He's the reason i'm here and him and i would have been friends anyways. I do wish we'd have had the time necessary to actually develop some top level ventures, but life and death happen, and i'm glad as fuck to have known him for even only as long as i did. We never finished one thing "together" on any level, but we discussed some great shit. He'll always be here, in our lives and in association with the steem blockchain and it's community too, more than they know. Unless we tell them now, during, and afterwards. We come to y'all with the force of luke included. Absolutely. Love you too man. Glad as hell to know you and the crew.

Hi steemin it's very nice and honey . I hope you spent a good time here .. This a better place to enjoy your time . your introduction is good and you look best . plz upvoting and comment


It feels like it was just yesterday when I spoke to him in your youtube live chat ... This is horrible news. I hope his fam is ok ... damn ...

Yeah it was I remember the day you were all in my livestream....he always popped in my streams....good dude man.... even better man in person.

The last thing i wrote to him was "alrighty then", not too profound at all, maybe the least profound thing i've ever said, but before that, wonderful stuff, and a friend who was both funny and constantly learning.

I only met him for the first time in person just a couple of weeks ago. We wound up walking around my neighborhood and just chatting about this and that (blockchain obviously). My girlfriend was waiting for me at home for dinner, so I had to cut the conversation short. On the one hand I'm grateful I got to spend those couple of hours with him. On other hand, I can't help wishing I'd just stayed out a bit longer.


I'm sure they appreciate all of the condolences here.

I became very sad after watching this news of losing @adept.There are many things which should be learnt from him.He was very hard working and good thinkable person.

will be ok

Oh, how 😔 sad, I have only started following his blog recently, such a cool and nice guy, so sorry to hear this now, you will be greatly missed @adept 😢 😢

Hi steemin it's very nice and honey . I hope you spent a good time here .. This a better place to enjoy your time . your introduction is good and you look best . plz upvoting and comment

Its almost unbelievable that you would come to a post about someone we care abut who has died and try and shill your crap. Your rep here on Steemit will be destroyed as SHOULD BE .

Luke, you were one of the nicest and most open minded people i've known, not just to ideas but to all different types of people. But you still owe me that one 100% vote for that time i drove your ass in the freezing and blowing snow, to the middle of freakin' nowhere. It was so late and as we drove, between asking you strange questions, i was calculating the price of SBD's, and how much i was making as your frienduber. [i can get cranky and selfish at 5 in the morning] :) I did want a fat vote for that, but in reality, your friendship was worth an unlimited number of votes, and no individual gave me more support on steemit itself, than you bro. Without you, i wouldn't be here. I wouldn't know these people. And for all the things that i'd STILL be complaining to you about most every day, i like them, and have made some new very good friends because of you. To me "Adept Token" is what i think of when i imagine you smoking a little bit of weed after blockchain meetups, and engaging in great creative conversations. I'm sorry for the times when i was actually annoying, which were pretty far and few between for a being like you. I'm happy we knew one another. Two weeks later and finally i let it hit me and got to cry. I expected to know you forever. I mean, i do, but man, i'm one of those who really wishes the universe would have given us more time, to spend down to earth with you. We were "supposed to" grow old, helping each other out with ever more impossible projects, and smoking gods own pot, on the so called "fee yacht". Love you man.

Sorry for the loss, i wish i had the chance to meet him. I also am in buffalo area, and would like to know more about meetups.

Absolutely. Usually Thursdays at Ashkers on elmowood, 6:00pm. Look up buffalo blockchain meetup.

Awesome @alxgraham. Got me crying again lol. Man our boy @Adept is really gone bro... I miss him so much! There was so much to learn from him yet. I alway's looked up to him.

He would have been happy to know his picture made it on the Joe Rogan experience today because he was trending.

Really!? Wow I alway's listen to JRE. I gotta look this up now. @adept was a close friend of mine. He introduced me to everything crypto last year. He even introduced me to Discord. He gave me one of his laptops as well. I have something of his that will always remind me of the blessing he is in my life.

They talked about Steemit and showed the front page on the video feed for his latest show with Tony Henchcliff

That is unique. Either some good timing or @Adept pulling strings in the Aether lol

Rest in peace.

I had mention we could still go forward with a SMT dedicated to Adept ( aptly named Adept). Just something to think about as this news really came out of nowhere.

Wow! I think I heard him mention it before I just didn't know how far he went with it. I think we should carry on with his vision there in his post. Very interesting find. Thanks for sharing it.

That's true. He may no longer be here but we will keep his vision alive, on steemit and on earth.

This is truly a legacy we could live on for him @adept... Steemit is proud of you

That would be amazing

Adept was a friend of mine, a guy i loved right away, someone who got me onto steem, someone who contributed to "my ideas", and someone who i really hoped would ensure i got to speak with some of the characters heading up parts of the venture, such as yourself. I didn't even realize until i met luke and a few of the steemians from buffalo, that i'd literally been working alone for way too long and actually hadn't maintained enough good friendships. Luke's loss just makes me want to make more friends, especially bright and ambitious individuals. If all the steem blockchain ever did was result in me meeting "adept", then that would have been a great achievement by it in my eyes. In reality, he helped increase the size and ideas of the community, in a way that absolutely will live on, and i'd like to see this community eventually go critical. Like a critical mass nuclear reaction. Like people particles bouncing against one another together here, akin to the way people started getting a lot smarter when they began to live in cities, and to constantly encountering different ideas and perspectives than their own. The "right" [sufficiently effective] steps of/for/by the community, and i can see that actually happening. I would love to help on the community side. At least to engage in a conversation about adept, steem, the community, the present, the future, and some of the ideas that y'all have obviously seen, and some others that perhaps you've been too busy working to notice. I think luke would definitely be amused if and when we have an open form conversation. Good man. He wanted me to publish here. At times i've thought of leaving. Now i'd like to see this thing my friend got me to become part of, to eventually get way past the moon. Because of the community. People like him. Like us. Alx

This might seem crazy, but i suggest a steemit page opened for people like him, to promote his legacy and that of others like him, in a way to immortalize him and others like him

great idea

@seer My Condolences to You....Those we Love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday..unseen, unheard, but always near, stilled loved, stilled missed and very Dear. I Pray that God holds you near during this difficult time. May he bless you with Love, Reassurance, Peace and Comfort. I had the pleasure of being blessed with your Presence meeting and welcoming this Awesome Soul @adept into our home where he greeted my son and daughter with love. Luke know that your loved and always be missed May You Rest Peacefully.

Miss you, @adept. Our time together since meeting last year at Token Summit in May was an absolute blast for me. We pretty much talked about Steem and Steemit non-stop. So many crazy ideas and plans for future SMT projects. It's been an honor being your friend and business partner with The Steemit Shop. You will surely be missed but never forgotten. I'd say rest in peace bud, but I know you're busy dreaming up some intergalactic zkSNARKs blockchain project right now. Your brilliance was on a whole other level.

He was very wise. Intellect off the charts.

Love and miss you. The thing i liked most was how he would literally sit or stand there, and listen to the craziest stuff. And then have something to say about it. I don't know too many people who can pull that off like he could.

He was literally A MAN OF NO EGO.

Love you bro. You know i do. Maybe luke a little more, but still. :)

Such a gem, you must have gotten alot of knowledge from him, these are tressured memories. Such a loss is huge, may you be comforted my brother. Thanks for sharing this!

Oh. I understand how you feel man. My heartfelt condolences to you.

He seemed like such a great man @adept, he would definitely be missed by the steemit family and community... He might not be here now but his good works are forever carved in the sands of the blockchain. We will definitely miss you and pray that God guide your soul to rest.

So sorry this would be a deep wound I hope you get comforted

Rest in perfect peace man @adept it is so painful we lost someone from the community @birdinc @steemitblog the community mourns for such a great loss.
We shall meet to part no more, he impacted greatly on the community and would always be remembered now and always😭💔😭

What a loss
I believe he meant well and laid set goals for the actualization of SMT project
Sad to hear of his demise
Rest on @adept

My condolences to you. The good thing about this is we know of his dreams. It will be upon us to make them come true soon enough. May his visions come true.

Take heart dear @birdinc

Wow, this sort of news always hit me hard. So sad. My condolences to everyone that knew him.


@exyle so hard, i feel so so bad, like i knew him. Death makes us very weak and give us reasons for reflection. @andrarchy may you find strenth in your weakest moments if he is your friend. Treasure of memiors you had together.

Not good a news to hear. A big loss. may his soul rest in peace.

I'm sorry for your loss. Indeed, he'll be missed so much by the community.

@adept str4wm4n Luke


The services for Luke were held this morning. There were stories shared by friends and family alike. It was clear that the common theme was the innate nature by which Luke shared his infectious smile and happiness with those around him. There was a lot of love in that room today.

I'll miss exploring and building zany ideas with @adept. Steem was his latest focus and I'm sad we hadn't spent more time collaborating on it. We had lots of fun with Byteball, building bots together. We played with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Lisk, lots of Ethereum tokens, XtraBytes, and tons of shitcoins. Luke was the designer of the logo for FuckToken and was always looking to contribute to new projects. He read whitepapers voraciously, sought out airdrops and scraped the Announcements forum on for new exiting projects. He spent time connecting people to each other. He spent time adding value to projects and spreading excitement about the future. Luke was always early. Perhaps a little too early, because he always moved on too early as well. He could have earned a 100x return many times over. I don't think that was his primary motivation though. It was more about being a part of something bigger. His efforts, contributions and their usefulness seemed to be more important to him than any return.

For those that don't know, Luke also suggested the Litecoin slash-through-the-L logo way back in 2012 ( ). Many coins and tokens passed through his hands (including physical bitcoin "Casascius Coins"). But he never held enough at one time to make any life-changing financial impact. I think he was just always more excited about new projects rather than to be a HODLer. That would have been too boring for him. But Steem was all set to be his first real HODL and it was just starting to show signs of being a different outcome for him. Luke was ready to focus on a single crypto project, and he was extremely excited to be joining the team behind SteemIt.

He will be sorely missed by all of us at the Buffalo Blockchain group & Tuesday meetings, the Meetup group Thursday meetings, and the private traders/research group where he was a valued and critical partner. He made an impact with all of us. There are plans being made for a remembrance/party in his honor.

Please share your thoughts and support with his family @seer

I was just about to express my disapproval at the lack of any comments of sufficient length and depth, for such a person. Luke was one of my newest, but most regarded friends. I wish you woulda been around longer today for the get together after the wake. It was a bit sad, but honestly, with his energy there, it was a lot of fun at the same time. One of the funniest nights in awhile. And of course, despite it being a cliche, what on earth else would luke have wanted? Thanks for the help you've provided the family. It has been greatly appreciated. I miss him a lot, but as long as i can literally feel the force of luke, i'm dealing with it. If the only thing steem ever did was to facilitate the relationships between the people luke is responsible for knowing one another, that's worth literally its entire market cap. You know me man, lol. I think BIG AF. Luke was one of few who could come close to processing my shit fast enough to prevent RAM overload and shutdown. And even when he did get overloaded, it was funny, because he knew how to deal. Hope there's a great party/remembrance in the future. I will try not to talk so much. I will fail. But i love the man so i'll force a few less words to fly out of my word hole. Glad you guys got to know each other, and that you've been there to help out! Alx

RIP, he will be missed 😢

Did you know him? He will really be missed, so sad.

That is a bummer. RIP and best wishes to everyone who knew him.

noo!!!! Are you serious!! We were just talking on steemspeak!!!! I am seriously bummed out right now.

Yes, I was in the same boat hearing his voice not that long ago!

That must really be traumatic for you,, sorry

So unfortunate I know.

May he rest in peace. I suggest a legacy be laid to make him live on, on steem it.

How surprising it always seems. I was talking to my elder brother last year inviting to a business venture of mine and unfortunately, the next day, he didn't wake up from his sleep.
Death is truly painful.

So sorry about the loss. Take heart @captainobviou3

@donkeypong, Boss its a sad news

I just created a Steemit account to post here in remembrance of Luke.

Luke was an integral part of the Fuck Token community. He designed our logos and set up our first website. He was there from day 1 and continued to help out whenever he could. It was heartbreaking to hear we had lost a good friend. He will be sorely missed by everyone.

Here is some of the logo work Luke did for us. All out of his desire to work on crypto projects. We had a blast joking around, he was a special guy.

This is the logo he created for us:

This was the last message he left on our Slack, classic: Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Here is the original website he made for us, full of memes:

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.12.06 PM.png

Rest in peace Luke. Thank you for being the awesome human being that you are. I wish we had the chance to meet in person.

@seer we are creating silver coins with Luke's logo on them. When they're finished, I'd like to send you some as a physical reminder of Luke's passion to help our project. My condolences, I can't imagine what you're going through right now.

Sorry for loss. Always a reminder to live life to fullest.

Rest in peace @adept

@adept encouraged me at times when I was wondering if this steemit thing would really work, and how could it possibly take on so much at once..
he really helped me to believe in our community here.

Rest in peace @adept! :(
We didn't chat much but you seemed like a really cool guy. Thanks for everything you've done for the crypto communities, your Litecoin design will forever be remembered by everyone!

So so sad...I pray for strength for everyone directly connected to him.

Rest in peace ! He will be remembered for his contributionin steemit. 😢

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He looks so young, for shame. Rest in Power.

Luke was a dear friend of the Minerva team. A lot of us here at Minerva knew him before blockchain was even a thing. He was an inspiration to all of us and a great person. He will be sorely missed in the community. RIP.


My condolences go to everyone who knew him, i hug you :(

Life is a journey and we transit from earthly to spiritual world during death. Wish him light as he continues his journey.

RIP @adept you will be missed :(

Rip to the great @adept condolence to the steemit family and those who knew him personally too..

Sad to hear that one of the most interesting personalities here in Steemit had gone. We'll surely miss him...

Sad to hear this. May he RIP and his great legacy is embedded in the blockchain.


Thank you for this tribute post, @steemitblog. In many ways, we're a virtual family... so these types of farewell messages mean a lot.

My thoughts are with everyone who was close to @adept

Yes this post means a lot to his friends and family. Agreed, Thank you @ned and @steemitblog for this! @adept is strongly missed. This post really got the message out there! @Seer ( @Adept's love) is very thankful for this! As well as myself and his closest friend's and family! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Our condolences to those who knew him. @steemitblog thank you for informing us as we wouldn't have known of his contribution and dedication to Steemit and Litecoin. We're relatively new here.
He's on his way to the moon, we'll meet him there one day. May @adept Rest in Peace!

I'm proud of you.
may you calm down there.
we will all always remember you.
the person who inspired through his writing ..
good bless you.
RIP @adept

It's really sad to know that intelligent, attractive, hardware worker, cheerful. Critical thinker. @adept sir was really good. Massive respect for him..

This is really sad to know about @adept may he rest in peace....he was really a great gentleman.

Rest in Peace. Such a tragedy.

A critical thinking philosopher has been lost here. Feeling the loss of @adept - Rest in peace.

true. creative man, and truly one of the "critical mass" necessary.

Rip my brother, you will be sadly miss by all of us, but your great works will live on

Sorry for the loss but the joy he gave to those that knew him means he is never really gone.

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Wow, didn't realize he designed the Litecoin logo! Every time I open my wallet he'll be in my thoughts!

Really sad to hear about Luke! Therefor I want to send my deepest condoleanses to all of you who was hi´s friends and family!

Rest in Piece @adept. It was very heartbreaking to hear this news, you will always be remembered Luke.

I will love you forever@adept. You are the most beautiful cosmic being I have ever met in my entire life. I hold for you an eternal gratitude for all you have inspired me. You are a blessing to my existence. My soul.

I don't have any exchanges with him unfortunately but from what was written about him above, he will be greatly missed. A great gem will be missed. @adept you will be missed.

Rip @adept, i went through his blog now and it's so painful steemit lost such an asset

Requiescat in pace.

damn thats...... FAREWELL

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