How To Kill Adultery


How To Kill Adultery

It is written: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” It is also written: “Whosoever looks at a woman with lust is already committing adultery in his heart.” It is also written: “Whosoever commits adultery lacks judgment; he who does so destroys himself.”

Adultery is the marriage and/or dating of one's spouse that is not Elohim-given. Elohim-given is another word for god-given. In the name of truth, only the Elohim (God) can give you a bride for the Perfect Matrimony. The Perfect Matrimony is the union of seven bodies (physical, vital, astral, mental, causal, buddhic, and atmic bodies) of man and wife, performed under divine will. Marriage is the sexual union of man and woman, performed cleanly under divine will. Lo and behold, marriage is the Arcanum A.Z.F..

It is also written: “You cannot have sexual relations with a woman unless you fully comprehend that the woman you are dating with is the woman whom the Elohim wants you to marry.” He who marries the wrong woman is already committing adultery. He who marries the wrong woman will lose his rightful woman according to the word and will of the White Lodge. It is adultery the original cause of all cases of divorce. The faithlessness of one's rightful spouse is sufficient to cause a divorce. The residence of all adulterers is the Abyss, where the wailing and gnashing of teeth are heard. The woman, whom the Elohim wants you to marry, will be the one to be trained in the arts of scientific chastity and the Arcanum A.Z.F...

Only the awareness of one's Elohim-given spouse can destroy adultery forever. He must be willing to repent of his adulterous actions by becoming aware of his sinful actions and returning back to the narrow path. The narrow path itself is his rightful woman. The adulterous devil is relentless and stagnant, finding ways in its black book of magic to survive. The adulterous devil is truly afraid of death; you must whiten the devil into the will to marry your rightful woman. A woman is not desired nor avoided. You, my friend, must steal fire from the devil. The sexual force must be whitened. Even the fallen mind must be whitened and cleansed of all forms of adultery through comprehension and awareness of your Elohim-given spouse. Any sign of adultery, or any awareness of womanly desire, must be transmuted into the will to meet and love your spouse. The lust of any woman must be transmuted into the love of your Elohim-given spouse. Do not look at beautiful women other than your Elohim-given spouse. Your Elohim-given spouse is whom you are allowed to look at only with love.

The woman is inevitable. He who avoids a woman is truly infrasexual. He who avoids sexuality is also truly infrasexual. Infrasexuals cannot return to heaven, the only road that the infrasexuals pave is towards the Abyss. That is all. A woman is not desired nor avoided but earned with moral progress. He who kills all forms of adultery within the mind by denying himself will be able to receive his spouse by the will of the Elohim. Any form of desire within and without must be rejected through awareness and comprehension.

By the awareness of one's Elohim-given spouse, one can also destroy pornography forever from within and without. It is pornography the depiction of prostitutes. In the name of truth, pornography itself is adultery and fornication combined. Pornography is the tenebrous work of the Black Lodge. The depiction of lustful and fornicating photos of prostitutes strikes the retina of the eyes, and the ego will capture that erotic photo in order to repeat the fornication of prostitution in one's dream world, causing nocturnal pollution. The adulterous-nude depictions of lustful women must be whitened and transmuted only into the nakedness of one's Elohim-given spouse to know (to have the sexual connection) without spilling the divine energy through the orgasm. Lust can only be destroyed through the comprehension and love of one's rightful spouse. Nocturnal pollution and fornication can only be destroyed forever by the Arcanum A.Z.F...

Do not forget, my friend, that the Elohim has a spouse for you to marry; you must clearly know your spouse. You must remember the Elohim has given you your spouse. You must seek the spouse that the Elohim is giving you with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your will; it is never an easy path. The Arcanum A.Z.F. can only be practiced with your Elohim-given spouse. You must be physically accustomed to your spouse while transmuting sexual energy inwards and upwards. He who practices the Arcanum A.Z.F. with a woman, not Elohim-given, is already committing adultery and divorce will result. This is how lust, pornography, fornication, nocturnal pollution, and adultery are destroyed forever.


Bonus #1: True Love's First Kiss

True love's first kiss is the first kiss of man and woman, brought together according to the divine will. Indeed, a true love's kiss is very powerful, and it is always performed between man and woman through divine will.

Be warned, my friend: Any man who kisses a woman other than his Elohim-given woman is committing the sin of adultery. This is how one cheats his Elohim-given woman, and divorce will result.