Serene Alpine Lake

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One of the best things about backcountry backpacking is coming across a cool alpine lake. When you're hot and sweaty from the hike, there's nothing more refreshing than jumping unto a natural like like this.

Upper Cathedral Lake, Yosemite National Park

You can reach this lake via the Cathedral Peak trail in Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. It's a day hike if you start early but it's better if you overnight it and camp near this lake.

It's a busy trail so there's a daily quota. You will need a backcountry permit if you want to spend more than a day here.

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Amazing landscape, Beautiful place to visit.

I congratulate all on the New Year !!! Health, love, joy and new exciting trips! May you have good luck! Always!!!
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Nature is a very beautiful
great photography

Nature beholds true beauty!

I would love to do it, but I do not think I have the strength to go back packing, tempting though after seeing your picture.

If you can hike 6 miles you can do it :)

so beautifullll

Hi. What a beautiful place to visit. Love your photo. Will keep it in mind if I ever visit . Thanks.

What a beauty, a dream for rest and peace.

very nice photo and wonderful nature

Really great photo of Cathedral Lake!!! Thanks @adonisabril

So much a great temptation for home body person! Your tempting [email protected] to be you! A backpacker adventurer!

Hey, I have days where I spend time with my Xbox one and ps4!

Indoor or Outdoor so long as it kills some time and makes you relax its A okey!

this place gives the aurora of tranquility and peace and a place to recharge , i love the scenery , looks awesome , an excellent place for a vacation

Yes for adventure for sure

Nature is a very beautiful... great photography.. thanks for sharing this post..

Very beautiful place to be. Lovely

very cool

an incredibly peaceful image, what I need right now

it is very cool dear i like it and follow you hope you also do samne for me thanks

Excellent one, I can almost feel calmness of this place :)

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Sangat menarik

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very beatiful photo :) thanks

wow such a lovely view, nice place

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Hi. What a beautiful place to visit. Love your photo. Will keep it in mind if I ever visit . Thanks.

No,No,No,That's a lot, man.
This picture is a matter of me.
What is this beauty really greatness


I have also been in Yosemite National Park. Absolutely amazing place! I have written a blog about our visit, if you wanna check it out! :). Upvoted!

Checking out!

So clean and fresh shot. Its worth the hike and a must to camp near the lake.

Incredible image that nature gives us. Nice place to visit and enjoy @adonisabril

a wonderful view of nature

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That is a beautiful one

Very beutiful place. Looks so calming. And I love the light here touching the shore and the trees on it.

So adorable! "Upper Cathedral Lake, Yosemite National Park"
I'd love to visit when I have some time! thanks for sharing an amazing photo and story! I just followed and definitely visit again and comment! thanks!!! @adonisabril

Looks beautiful. Would love to hike there, perhaps one day I will get to USA.

Nature is a very beautiful amazing colors very cool stuff

What a view 10/10

@adonisabril upvoted with 10$

Wow beautiful lake

Jumping in?! I put my toe in the water and that was enough to cool me off! lol! Awesome shot btw

What a beautiful place :)

Looks beautiful!

In my opinion, The real beauty of the lake is in its hiking. The farther you go hiking to reach there, the more beautiful it will look. "Path is the beauty of its destination".

Well I just enjoy mountains :)

Exactly my point ;)
and narrow edges too <3

wow..very nice shot

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Take a look on these amazing national parks :)

It is nice. But is there any robber? I am afraid of losing money.

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