beating big business

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Besting the banality of ads is not your fight alone. Facebook is under fire for their part in permitting hate speech and disinformation. Names like Verizon Communications Inc. and Hershey responded to critical remarks by suspending their ads. Yet, ours is a situation no different. I imagine we’ve been there, so much it’s ingrained. Your video starts, five seconds pass, and your cursor drags down to stock the ‘Skip Ad’ button. The exit button’s transparent, either top left or top right, and it opens a new tab unexpectedly. The mail arrived and between bills and local shop fliers, ads cover the ripe discounts for your spending leisure. They’re chockful in your inbox, out the door in your recycling bin, constantly surfacing, after a website pleads you must disable AdBlock for their profit. Your crusade against social media and creeping ads doesn’t have to end with Facebook. Misinformation is a struggle we fight every day. What do you get from this? What are they trying to give you? Who’s giving? Business only profits if you patron. Facebook’s trying some fixes, but the system’s busted. Subscribe differently.