We are very happy to announce that we've partnered with the Steem-Engine team to add advertisements to! This is a huge turn for #sportstalk and will go a long way towards improving our platform.

What's Game Changing About Ads?

What's most exciting is that the SportsTalkSocial team will not be receiving any of the funds from ad placements. Instead the Steem-Engine team will be using our share of the advertising funds to purchase SPORTS and turn around and burn them to @null. This will have the effect of lowering the supply of SPORTS that are currently available in circulation while also providing additional buy support on the market.

Can I Stop Ads?

You can! Any account that has more than 500,000 SPORTS Power will see their ads removed and not displayed. This gives a completely new reason for powering up!

More Details

The cost of the setup for deploying the advertisements to our Nitrous condenser was $150. This has already been covered and sent to Steem-Eng last week. From here the Steem-Eng team will be retaining 15% of the advertising revenue for providing the service while the remaining 85% will be used to purchase tokens. You can read more about their program on @aggroed's announcement of the service.

Since deploying we've been tracking the progress with much excitement! We've maintained a growing impression count with at least at least 15,000 impressions a day since the weekend. While this won't be anything to burn off all of our current tokens it should begin to provide a healthy boost to our economy. You can view our statistics, including the estimated revenue, in the following graphic:

I have to imagine that these numbers will continue to improve as our site continues maturing. I look forward to us passing 20k daily impressions and continuing our growth from there!



Yesterday we told you about being added to State of the Dapps. At the time we posted the news of our submission we were ranked in the 400s of all available dapps. By the end of the day we've skyrocketed to #32 on their list of all dapps! This is all due to the amazing community that's behind #sportstalk. We couldn't be more proud of this accomplishment and thank each of you for your efforts to get us there!


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Kudos to the new developments with Stateofdapps and now this Ads partnership.

You can! Any account that has more than 500,000 SPORTS Power will see their ads removed and not displayed. This gives a completely new reason for powering up!

That statement right up there is the game changer hehehe.

If someone feels nagged by Ads, just power up and boom you are good to go, that is a clever move Patrick.

I love the big stake holders don’t see ads that’s such a great incentive 😬😬 nice movie sportstalk

Congrats on dapps ranking. I have a question, Can we send 50% from every vote on comment to @null? Is it available in tribe settings? We have to stop comments voting abuse

Thank you for the support @mk-sports-token. I don't believe that it's an option to do that but we do have a team dedicated towards removing this kind of abuse. If you see anything that sticks out please bring it to the @referee's attention by leaving a comment on any @sportsinfo post or by dropping a message in the #replay-room on the #sportstalk Discord.

That's a really good idea @mk-sports-token !

!hw ban
Account belongs to well known scammer.

That's great to hear.

If we could get a lot more good content showing on the site next it would really add to the place. More moderation. Remove the dlike posts, remove the abusers and push the tribe upwards. Good and interesting content for people to enjoy.

This is truly an amazing news, Patrick. I know you're the main head behind this initiative and thank you isn't enough for the efforts you've put in this platform to flourish.

While ad placements are truly annoying and sometimes decrease user experience, its long-term effect will decrease Sports token liquidity thus increasing its price. I am full support with that!

Also, congratulations on the massive increase in ranking for the top most used Dapps in Blockchain. Thanks for the massive efforts!

This is another amazing accomplishment for Sportstalk! Can't wait to see the results of this!

consider me impressed!!

That will have a positive impact on SPORTS ecosystem. Excited to see what's coming up next! :)

Great stuff 👏👏

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I like what I see, this will really make sportalsocial grow even faster, I hope mass adoption will be very soon, congratulations to all who are behind the project!

This is a huge development, thanks to the team.

Very smart move! Much appreciated, keep up the good work!

Good to hear, been waiting for this announcement ✌️

Good idea!

How cool is that (the move to #32!) - given I am from marketing I have no issue against ads to be honest - I just ignore them :-)

When I read the heading my immediate response was, "What, advertisement in sportstalksocial? All that pessimism changed as I continued reading. Good move. Very encouraging.

Good job !
upvote&resteem !