Away from keyboard #26. Baksan river and Adyl-Su gorge

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Today, friends, we will go for a walk in the autumn area of Elbrus (Northern Caucasus in Kabardino-Balkaria). These pictures were made last autumn, and now it is finally time for them being posted ^_^


The Baksan river originates from glaciers in the Elbrus area. It has tributaries Gundelen, Hecate, Hangar and others.


In the upper reaches of Baksan and its tributaries there are mountaineering camps Baksan, Jan-Tugan, Elbrus and others, national Park "Elbrus", Terskol Observatory.


But we're not going that far. We just admire the river and the mountains from which it descends.


We will see how the setting sun illuminates the resting ice water.


We learn that the river has a restive character. It washes away the banks and overturns trees that have inadvertently grown too close to its waters.


We will admire the beauty of the scenery along which this river leads its way.


I certainly could not resist, and took a lot of photos from different angles :D


Autumn evening forest so close to the gorge is a cold place. I hide my hands in my pockets and enjoy the beauty of the mountains while my camera works by taking video.


A huge boulder and a few bumps kindly agreed to play the role of a tripod :)


Although, they may have refused, but I did not understand their response >_<


The mountain slopes are covered with coniferous forest and deciduous trees.


The cloud got caught by the peak of the mountain.


Different types of trees are colored differently in autumn colors, because of this the mountain looks especially picturesque.


I didn't want to have only the pictures of this place, so I made some videos.


That's what my camera recorded while I was warming my hands in my pockets.


A moment of peace, quiet and admiration. My sister-in-law fits the picture perfectly. One minute of human life next to the eternity of mountains.


I hope you enjoyed this walk, my friends. Have a good day and keep looking for the beauty in the world ;)


Hello friend excellent publication, are very good photographs, as always giving the maximum, I think it was a rich ride, there is breathed, peace, tranquility and nature in full, God bless you and happy day, afternoon and evening, a hug.

it was an amazing trip, indeed :) a hug to you too, Jorge

An amazing post my love with beautiful pictures ☺️ You have a real talent for this my love, very well done ❤️

thank you, my love Лиса1.png
i was doing my best ^^

Amazing landscapes. Beauty is fascinating. You have published excellent photos. I agree with you the beauty in the world everywhere, you just need to be able to notice it. Nature is the best of books, written in a special language. This language must be learned. Garin N. (Garin-Mikhailovsky)

i am glad that you agree with me, @magnata :)
there is lots of beauty in our world!

Oh yes @reinikaerrant, an interesting overview and you are right, the Caucasus is a unique place on the planet with beautiful nature!

the Caucasus has lots of places i really like :)
thank you for your comment, megafar!

Great photos @reinikaerrant and this mountain scenery looks amazing in its beauty!

i am happy that you enjoyed this post! :D

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Wow, what a beautiful location! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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