Away from keyboard #27. Following the sounds of bells.

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I know, it's been a while since my last post ^_^ Many pleasant things had distracted me from this post that i have started writing a long long time ago :D Well, i am back for now and i really want to finish the story about my and @wolf-of-sarcasm walk along the lake Obersee.


In the end of the previous part we decided to keep following the road to the waterfall and misterious chime of the bells...


We still enjoyed the beautiful views of the mountains.


Now we've gone along the mountains, and were in the heart of the green valley with lots of trees.


The road on which we walked became more flat, but there was a lot of stones. So we carefully looked under our feet, so we wouldn't twist an ankle.



Soon we noticed a small waterfall or rather a vertical stream on the side of the mountain :D


A little later we finally saw the purpose of our trip through the valley - this waterfall! :O


As an added reward to the beautiful spectacle, we finally got an answer to our question. This is the source of the incessant sound :D
Well, one of them... There were about a dozen cows in the valley and they all rang bells when they tried to get rid of annoying flies and midges. I wonder if they like the sounds of bells. If not... they were very annoyed cows xD


We deserved some rest...



...before the long way back :0


Back to the lake we got madly tired. And we were very hot....
And yet we were happy. How could it be any different when you look at something like this? ^_^


If you missed the beginning of this trip, here is the link ;)
Away from keyboard #22. The extraordinary beauty of the Obersee. This side.


I think people living in the city forget that places like this exist.

Granted, people living in places like there probably forget the city exists

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Great view @reinikaerrant and these beautiful places look amazing!

Amazing photos. If there is a paradise, then it is here. Thank you very interesting @reinikaerrant

Nice and lovely shot you have shared here

Hey here @lizanomadsoul swinging by.
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You want to know what I think about your pictures ?