The Agoric Vision

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We Agorians see value transmission as a fundamental human right. In the form of money, it is simply the act of transferring a form of potential energy from one entity to the next; be it an institution, person, or autonomous system. Although this is not technically potential energy by scientific terms, money is akin to potential energy in that its influence is able to open the doors and opportunities of the world up to those who have it. Modern society is normalized into believing in the myth of money without ever questioning “Why is it this way?” or “Where does it come from?” The truth of the matter is that existing fiat money systems are quite arbitrary. They are currently useful because of their widespread adoption, yet flawed in more ways than one. We the people can’t openly verify that our society is functioning correct and fairly. Nor are we able to escape the captured networks of arbitrary fees, delays, seizures, and fines.

But there is a better way. Humanity finally has the tools to create faster and fairer monetary systems, exchanges, governance structures, voting systems, and settlement layers. Decentralized Autonomous Communities are springing into existence, stigmergic swarms of people expressing value to each other, collaborating, and socializing, and in general interacting in many different forms. Now, today, communities are creating brand new business models and unlocking agoric opportunities for people to earn their keep in this world. People are opting out of the traditional economy and joining a new one— the digital economy.

At Agoric, we believe in solving the challenges of humanity, by adopting socio-economic systems that align with our values, and sharing those systems and values with the wider world. We have personally derived great benefit from participating in the nascent digital economy already; dividends of knowledge, collaboration, relationships, tokens— all units of intrinsic value that we’ve shared and had shared with us.

We hope you will join us in in our endeavor to reconfigure society into an accessible and equitable, prosperous and beautiful landscape for all of the people on Earth.


Bravo! I'm excited to witness this unfold. I wish you guys the best. I know there are some very SOLID people involved with this, so I am expecting it to flourish.

The only thing between you and the masses is education and understanding. If that can be overcame, there is nothing stopping you.

The future is bright for you guys. Your vision is clear and you got some brilliant minds working on this. Can't wait to see how far you can take it

Highly rEsteemed partner ; )

Upvoted and resteemed - that's the way to go my friend. Thanks for taking the plunge. Looking forward to see what you guys come up with in your creative endeavours ;-)

Maaaaannnnnn.... I'm with it. I'm in! I'm putting on my seatbelt and ready to takeoff!

You're in a good place considering our team is based out of the D!

I feel like I got the heads up on the inside scoop! It feels so good being in this city. It was so depressing here 10 years ago. Changes are coming!

Many of us will need to read Agoric Systems for Dummies. I'm on a major learning curve slipping into the unknown rather quickly and I will need assistance in understanding the New ways of a new world. Sounds interesting and I will be following.

Now I have not played that much Ratchet and Clank so from reading this post and then Googling "Agorian" I get this

Can you simplify your thoughts, because it sounds like you are forcibly taking things for something else in a nice Robin Hood like feel by that last line for all of the people on Earth, but who are you again? It just seems like if you are bringing something made for everyone, there should be something my Grandpa could read and understand

Found this article from 1996 from Wired on Agoric but this sounds more like net neutrality issues, I really would like to comprehend this post, because it feels like something big is happening

Hello @cryplectibles. We will not be using force in order see our vision to fruition. We aim to bolster the digital economy by supporting the Graphene ecosystem of blockchains, developing tools and products on top of it, and by getting the word out in our communities about what these technologies are capable of and how the average person can leverage them.

Following you guys now.

Someday I hope to pay for something in Wulongs. #seeyouspacecowboy

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Sounds utopian and I'm up for that. Can't wait to see how you guys develop these concepts. I'll tweet it out there into the abyss that is twitter. Someone may see the lifeline and grab hold.

100% Amen! Let's get the power of money back to the people where it belongs!

Sounds very nice. Let´s build this beautiful humanity. What do I do next? :-)

First time I hear about Agoric, I'll keep it in mind.

very interesting - looking for more infos.....

Look forward to it! Bring us to the new world ASAP!! :)

nice post.....ilove it.......

followed and upvoted

I am following and cant wait to see where this goes!

I got chills.

Decentralized Autonomous Communities are springing into existence, stigmergic swarms of people expressing value to each other, collaborating, and socializing, and in general interacting in many different forms.

Interesting! What do you guys think of Bitnation, and how does your project relate/compare to it?

I'm curious to see what you have in mind. I'll be checking the status of this project in the future.

This sounds really interesting. For me this is what is so great about Steemit.... being able to be involved even if in a small way, in projects like this. Anxious to hear more.

Great post. Many benefits can be taken from the reading ... thanks

This is similar to the work we are doing at - come and have a chat.

Thank you. We will check your initiative out!

Good luck team! Excited to see one of those come out of Detroit

Great vision!
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Awesome post, and awesome to listen to you on @SteemSpeak.

Hey, I'm just discovering you guys today. (Better late than never?)

Thanks for throwing "stigmergic" into your intro and expanding my vocabulary. ;)

As a voluntaryist and agorist myself, I am happy to discover you and hope to catch up on my reading about what you're up to.



At first pass, this all seems a little misleading, because you can't opt out of the existing economy and only participate in the digital economy as long as the governments that create and run the traditional economies and currencies control the means of exchange. This means all the fiat currencies that you convert other currencies into in order to buy something, all the physical infrastructure and computing systems that comprise the internet (including your own computers and phones), and all the physical protections that tax-funded militaries provide to this infrastructure. Fiat currencies don't exist in a vacuum, they are a product of small groups of people who have decided to create national currencies without any input from the citizens of the countries these currencies trade in. And I doubt these people are going to give up this control or the ridiculous levels of wealth and power it provides them without a very brutal fight. In other words, it's a fun game for now, but as long as any government can simply shut off your connection to the internet at will (and you better believe they can, unless you possess a very special set of skills, and probably your own amount of ridiculous wealth), then all these exchanges are still happening at the discretion of these governments, controlled by these small groups of people. I hope I'm wrong, but it would seem you would need to be able to build your own computer and network to connect it to someone else's computer who also built their own, in order to truly opt out of the existing economy. And even then, you would need to go undetected in the event that these people decided you were threatening their power. I suppose it's... possible. But it seems much more realistic to see all of this as a fun game within their game, and to keep a watchful eye for their moves to circumscribe, coopt and corrupt it at any moment.