Genuine Airdrops

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Hello Steemians,
Please pay attention here that today I am going to tell you about 2 (two) genuine Airdrop. Just within 2-3 clicks, you will able to grab this tokens. So, let's get ready. Very Important thing is that this 1 (one) token is already listed on exchange. So get ready.

Cryptosoul Airdrop
Click on the following link for joining
Listed on mercatox exchange.

CryptoSoul Post.jpg

Click on the following link for joining
TruWho Airdrop
Earn Free WHO Tokens — Truwho Airdrop.
In this airdrop KYC is necessary. There are 3 (three) levels of KYC. Bronze, Silver & Gold. After Completion of task you will able to claims the tokens. Click on following link and get the tokens.
TruWho Post.jpg

Don't miss this chance.
Both are the genuine projects.


More than 90% of the airdrops are fake, head over to for participating in airdrops.