Genuine Airdrop EraSwap Token

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Hello Steemians,
Please pay attention here that today I am going to tell you about a genuine Airdrop. Just within 4-5 clicks, you will able to grab these tokens. So, let's get ready.

You will get 540 EraSwap tokens.

Let's Understand about Era Swap in very short:- The main Intention about Era Swap is to become the most adopted value exchange for Time of services, Education and Crypto Assets. Era Swap is out on a mission to create a self-sustainable marketplace for the betterment of the society.

Following are the steps to join Airdrop
The Telegram Bot will provide you with the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Join the Era Swap Telegram Group
  2. Follow Era Swap on Twitter
  3. Like and Follow Era Swap page on Facebook
  4. Subscribe and Like Era Swap on Youtube

Referral Bonus: A unique referral link is generated upon a successful submission, this rewards 100 EST

To Join This Genuine Airdrop, Click on the following link.

Don’t miss it, Enjoy the airdrop.

EraSwap Image.jpg

Photo Credit: EraSwap Token Web Site.


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