Bandz Network Airdrop

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BandZ Network is a decentralized IP address, bandwidth marketplace and Much more. BandZ Network aims to allow providers, which is anyone who has an internet connect on their device, IP address and bandwidth, to sell it to consumers


Peer to Peer Connectivity

Many blockchains out there have completely different price propositions; ours is property. we tend to don't seem to be building some advanced, intricate, Alan Turing complete “do-all” platform, we tend to ar building a network by that net becomes cheaper for users round the world. Ideally it'll be a network which will enable you to pay your own phone or ISP bill by merely keeping your machine on.

In our model we've got 3 roles for nodes: suppliers, customers and gateways. The supplier nodes kick out information measure from BandZ internal traffic to the outer world net. the buyer nodes settle for application traffic (socks5, iptables, vpn, etc) and send it to suppliers. The entree nodes give services like STUN, flip and GeoIP resolution, receiving a tip for his or her services. All participants are often any combination of nodes at any given time.

Data Safety at its Peak

While our main focus is property and microtransactions, we tend to perceive that privacy may be a basic right.

Our model makes your traffic yours. within the future BandZ aims to expand out into making good contract primarily based networks via a mixture of satellites, WLAN towers and mesh mobile WLAN access points; your octets can flow unencumbered.

Market Capital and Exchange

If you ever check with our team, you may most likely hear the phrase “we don't seem to be building a product, we tend to ar making a market.”

BandZ is concerning the commoditization of information measure. this idea naturally ends up in a marketplace, that on the web, can catalyse the arrival of information measure exchange rates, varied by geolocation and sort (data center, residential, 4G/LTE).