WorldPay Airdrop #1

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WorldPay Airdrop #1


Online Payments by Worldpay is a complete online payments service that gives you the ability to take payments directly from your website or app.

Easy to integrate and easy to use, our API helps developers to create bespoke checkout forms that can be activated and ready to take payments within 24 hours.

And it's backed up by the stable, secure infrastructure of Worldpay, a global leader in payment processing. Our market-leading gateway is trusted by millions of businesses, from start-ups to the world's best-known ecommerce brands.

Worldpay Online Payments offers real-time data, allowing you to see orders in your dashboard as they arrive. You'll be able to see the live status of your orders, and view your conversion rate at any given time. And creating detailed transaction reports is a matter of a couple of clicks.

Webhook notifications are a way for your app or service to automatically stay up to date with what is happening with your Worldpay Online Payments account for example if you have received a new order, or a recurring billing arrangement is about to expire.

With hundreds of thousands of business customers ranging from SMEs to household names, Worldpay is the UK's biggest payments provider.

Long experience
We have more than 25 years' experience of processing payments. That gives us expertise in everything from the different payment types your international customers might use to how best to protect you from fraud.

Global reach
Worldpay is a strategic partner that can help you to expand internationally. We operate across the globe, supporting more than 120 currencies. So you can accept payments from customers anywhere in the world.

Fast payouts ✕
At Worldpay, we understand the importance of regular cashflow to your business. We settle funds twice a week, so you will usually receive payment 3-4 days after an order is placed.

How and when are funds transferred?
When a transaction is ready to be paid, it goes into a batch to be settled into your bank account. Once the batch is closed, you will get a transfer report that will detail all settled, refunded and charged-back transactions from the batch. These are sent via email on Mondays and Thursdays.

Recurring payments
You may wish to store a shopper's card details so that you can use them to take payments directly from your server in the future for example in the case of subscriptions. These are also called 'recurring payments'.

How can I set up recurring billing?
To use the recurring payments feature you will need to turn it on when activating your account. If you already have a full account and would like to offer recurring billing, you can go to the Orders page in Account Settings and turn on recurring payments

Robust systems ✕
Choosing Worldpay means that you can take payments securely every time. Using our API, you'll find that payments go through the complex process of approval at lightning speed, with customers never leaving your website. Our high-capacity gateway processes millions of transactions per day, and hundreds of simultaneous transactions every second, meaning we're best placed to keep you open for business.

We'll give your customers security, protecting their card data and taking away PCI compliance headaches for you. And we'll give you security, with access to our full range of fraud prevention services.


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