How to know if an airdrop is false?

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Good morning everyone !! Today I am going to share my opinion and experience with the airdrops and how to know if it is real or not
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First and just in case I would like to clarify that it is an airdrop, an airdrop is basically a means that has a cryptocurrency to not only make itself known but also circulation of its future currency, which when performing simple tasks (generally related to social networks) they give their crypto with a subjective value, since this at the time of publication can change.

Tips to follow:

1- Check the web page: if the airdrop has a web page, it will only take us a second to verify the route of the crypto, its whitepaper and its road map, the more detailed these are, the greater the possibility of being a true crypto is

2-Social networks: one can be fixed by social networks the origin of the project, if this takes more than a year is very likely to be a real project, almost no scammer will take a year or more planning something like this

3-What do you ask ?: This is very important, you always have to think that you ask us, if the result is that you want us to register on your page, continue on twitter and join your telegram group, it's all normal, but if we do not ask for none of that and ask us to join channels and follow twitters of sponsors very likely be scam

4-Is it consistent what they give us ?: let's be honest it's very rare that an airdrop reaches us more than 1000usd if it is so investigate well because there are two options or is scam or is not the true value of the crypto

5-DO NOT GIVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY: very important nobody, never, ask for the private key this seems like an obvie-dad but there are many new people who are not aware of it, if you want your private key it is the same as giving your password. Bank

6-Do not send anything if they say they are going to return it: there are many airdrops that ask you to send 0eth to confirm the wallet that is normal and real, but all those who tell you send 0.1 btc and multiply it or return it to you is a 100% scam

7-If a crypto is already in marketcap: these are the airdrops that most want to enter because it is a crypto with a project already established, but there are many false, for this it is as easy as entering the official networks and if they say nothing probably be false (if not speak with an administrator of some official telegram group to confirm)

for now these are the criteria that I follow to see if a project has good fundamentals or not also have to say that many airdrops are real but the project does not work and we are left with crypts with a value of 0usd but it is only a matter of testing and beware

I speak Spanish, but I know some English, if I'm wrong about something please let me know so I can improve


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