A Lichen a Day -- 12 December (MOSS)

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I chose a moss shot for today just because I like it and I felt like something slightly different. The weather has been very wet and grey so between that and feeling rotten, I've not gotten out for new shots. I do have to go out scrounging today to get some of the ground-growing lichen for a Christmas decoration for my mother in law, but not sure the lighting makes it worth trying to do any photos. I would definitely need a high ISO in any case.

Today's shot:

A long thick moss with a single seed head sticking up amidst the leaves

I took this one in the backyard although I don't remember exactly where. We have a nice variety of mosses just in the immediate vicinity of the house as well as on the roof--will share some of those another day.

Basic stats:

  • Taken with my Sony DSC-HX400V (they all are unless I specify I've used my cell phone)
  • ISO 200
  • f/4
  • 1/60 second
  • 16mm focal length
  • Unedited beyond compression
This damp moss almost looks like it's crying with the small droplets. It's okay to cry if you need too. Feelings are often better released than locked away in a corner of your soul like an abcess.


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