A Lichen a Day -- 26 December

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Sorry about missing yesterday. Although we had a relatively quiet Christmas day, I spent too much time on my feet cleaning, setting the table, and helping with food prep and cleanup plus too much time sitting in a hard chair at the dining room table. Neither thing agrees with my hip and back, so yesterday I spent the day vegetating and watching TV  with my husband and the dogs.

Today's shot:

macro of spiky ground-growing lichen

This is a macro of the ground-growing lichen we get in patches in the inland sand dunes especially. They growing amazingly thick, easily 6 inches of it. Depending on the terrain, they often get intermixed with moss and grow up against or between patches of heather.

Basic stats:

  • ISO 400
  • 1/30 sec
  • f/3.5

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Took these shots and thought of you. ^^
Hope you're doing well wherever you are these days. !LUV







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