NFT Artists on Hive (episode 8) @gooze


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NFT Artists on Hive. Episode 8 is @gooze, let's get straight to the interview!



What is your home Country and city?

@gooze: I´m from Venezuela and live in a small city called Cumaná in the state of sucre, Cumaná is actually the first city ever funded that stand still in the American continent in 1515.

What is your opinion on what an NFT is or represents?

@gooze: I think NFTs were a great opportunity for artists to better monetize their creations, but lately it has become more like a form of money laundering (so to speak) and has gone more for ways to make the rich richer, than art, artists and their creations became something of very little importance and now it is only based on how many Apes you have, it is no longer about art.

please speak one of your Dreams, Goals, or Desires into existence by telling the world about it and giving it life?

@gooze: One of my dreams was always making a living with my drawing, go live in a small house in some place apart from civilization, don´t worry about money and spent my days drawing and creating and give everything my parent gave me back as a way of thanks. It has been a lot of work, but at least I´m doing the last part of the dream, my parents are happy, so I´m happy.

Compendium of spirits - 2 in 1



The old one - Ancient entity

Artist choice, you can speak about anything that is on your mind or wasn't included in the questions:

@gooze: In 2008 I was diagnosed with leukemia, while I was in chemotherapy I was trying to do something to get my mind off the reality I was living so I got drawing back to cope with it, it was three years of drawing, maybe 2 or 3 drawings a week, so drawing is a very important part of my life. I was 18 by that time I´m 33 now.

In your NFT "The old one - Ancient entity" and other NFT's have a Japanese influence but with that unique twist like if there was a style called "Venezuelan Anime" it's powerful, unique and yet familiar when I see your art. How much does Japanese culture influence your work?

@gooze: I started drawing when I was around 9 years old, I was submerged in Dragon Ball and all I wanted was drawing all of the characters of that anime, I remember when I got back from school, the first thing I did was drawing Goku or piccolo, japanese culture was the start of all of this and I´ve been working my style with that base line and adding my own.

Is your art metaphors for real life?

@gooze: Yes, as I mention, I had cancer, so I had more than a couple near death experiences so that is wht you see that a lot of my drawings are death related or with some simbolism of life or afterlife.

What inspires the subject of your NFT's?

@gooze: Beauty and Death are what most inspires me, my inspiration to create something comes of how I´m feeling in the moment, I always try to draw something beautiful when drawing portrait or If I want to create something original I go to the depth of my mind to see what I find and most of the times are questions, "what´s next?" is the most recurent so that is why many of my drawings are afterlife related, many of the things I saw when I was dying stuck with me and live in my head now.

I love your NFT "Compendium of Spirits" It has a real dark feel you can get lost in because it seems to tell different stories at once. I also like the facial expressions which is practically an artist's thumb print. What inspired you to create this NFT?

@gooze; "Compendium of spirits" is a good example of what I just said, What inspired me to draw that was "what if someone goes and is not ready? will them feel it? how will they feel it?" you can see the main character is acceptance of his fate and reach the hand that will receive him while behind him is someone scare of hand and far behind is another distracted of what is happening, the skull trying to get him from below is weak, small and has no power over the decisions already taken.

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Thanks a lot for the interview and taking interest in my work. I really appreciated.

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