IAAC #41 - A dip

in #alive2 years ago

After being in a creative/mental burnout for a few months and only creating content that has directly been linked to my work. I had some motivation yesterday to make a poster just for fun and I also screen recorded it so that the video will also be uploaded!

I hope that I am out of this dip and can start creating and learning new skills just for the fun of it and not thinking about the commercial gain.

Spooky Season.jpg

Above we have a Halloween poster seeing as Halloween is my favorite holiday

Made in Canva

These are the things going on in the I am Alive Challenge community/ WeAreAlive tribe.

  • Daily live chat post where you can ask any questions. Link

  • Weekly staking contest for 1000 ALIVE tokens by @flaxz : Read one of the posts here or follow the tag #AliveOnThursday

  • Daily Alive Engagement Contest by @iamalivechalleng: You will get chance to win 200 HP delegation or 1000 AP delegation for 4 weeks