IAAC #44 - Build a brand in 30 days

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I started with a new book and I am now at day 1.
The goal is to build a bigger brand so I thought why not give this book a try and I want to also record my days to see if it helps me stay dedicated to it.

Day 1 is all about ***"What your brand is and what your brand isn't" ***

He goes on to explain about brand and branding and the common misconceptions

The brand is about meaning that your brand is the sum of different meanings that all your possible audiences carry around in their head and hearts

He also explains that it's important to have a brand because it gives you stability, growth potential, loyalty, and longevity because without it you can be seen as a commodity which isn't a good thing due to the fact that you then have to be cheaper, quicker or more convenient than competitors


Book link

Made in Canva

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Hi Dowie,

Good luck with your book.
Don't forget to share those valuable tips with us!
I am curious.


Yeah I most definitely will!