Exhibition and anniversary UPTP. | IAAC. #287 Day 26/04/2022.

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Greetings to everyone on the #HIVE platform, and in the #ALIVE community, thank you for the opportunity to be able to participate. Today I continue with my 287 #challenge and begin to celebrate the joy of being alive.

I hope you are well, today from very early I have been doing activities, during the exhibition of the anniversary of the UPTP house of studies, the place was attended by many local artisans exhibiting their work, the activities were held until early afternoon, and continue throughout the week, on the occasion of the celebration of the anniversary week of the institution, today I will go to bed a little earlier, to rest and continue my activities tomorrow.




Daily photo. Carúpano. - Venezuela.



Four points to participate in the #IAmAliveChallenge organized by @flaxz and the Alive tribe, thanks to #CTP and #HIVE:

1 - Tell the world you're alive in a video or photo, and post on #Hive and #WeAreAlive.

2 - Use the hashtags #alive and #iamalivechallenge.

3 - Share it on #Twitter and in social media

4 - Celebrate your victory every day.


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Presenting myself to HIVE. - Presentandome ante HIVE.

The pictures is my own and was taken with my #SONY DSC-HX400V camera, the separators are from pngimage.net, I use deepl.com translator and checked with Grammarly.


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