Saturday updates - Hurricane Fiona and Newfoundland.


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And who is buying besides me?


Saturday is also the weekly price set for the BBH token.


Over all the last five weeks have been pretty steady.

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As promised: THE Interview by @misslasvegas . Here she interviews @raymondspeaks. I enjoyed the read :)

Hurricane Fiona and Newfoundland.


So far so good for where I live. And it looks like we may escape the wrath. Others are not so lucky. Just listening to the radio and a town "In the Port aux Basques area we could potentially see record levels, high water levels," he said. "We're looking at waves crashing in at 10 to 15 metres and again, high storm surge combined with that. So, could be pretty damaging and devastating." Source.

"Hurricane Fiona is kicking in with tens of thousands of people in the Maritimes without power.

There are some outages in Newfoundland but only a few: Howley Estates in the east end of St. John’s, Burnt Islands, Rose Blanche-Harbour Le Cou, and Harbour Breton. Crews are en route but they’re uncertain about restoration times.

Post-tropical storm Fiona has made landfall in Nova Scotia between Canso and Guysborough. The Canadian Hurricane Centre tweeted early Saturday that Fiona is the lowest pressured land falling storm on record in Canada.

We have reports that some boats in Charlottetown Harbour have sunk. There are no reports of any damage in Newfoundland so far, but storm surge warnings are out for south-facing coastlines from the Southern Avalon to Port aux Basques with 9:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight being the vulnerable period.

Rainfall in Port aux Basques looks to be on the lesser end with about 50 mm in total today and tonight but the winds will be howling: 140 km/h in Port aux Basques but 180 km/h in the Wreckhouse." source.

Something to keep an eye on today for sure. In the pic above I am to the east of 22:00 Sat and 3:00 Sun. I am a little inland. It is a little breezy out but not to bad.

But again on the Radio Port aux Basques sounds like it is taking a beating.


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