RISE Snapshot Date Released - First Airdrop Snapshot January 31st!

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I'm a big fan of coins that earn dividends. The idea of buying a coin early and getting enough to earn worthwhile returns is something I'm always on the lookout for.

Early in August of 2017 I found Rise. It seemed at first sight like a small cap Lisk, with a much smaller team and a lot of uncertainty, but the few team members that I could dig up information on had been around crypto for a while and I decided to take the risk. It's now a little more than five months later and in that time they have continuously grown. They have hired four developers, including their lead developer, and added community managers, a PR manager and, most recently, a strategic business advisor.

They have also re-written their core to the typescript language, released a Python API library and incorporated as a legal entity in Gibraltar. Work is being done by this small team and I'm glad I took that risk five long months ago.

When I decided to buy in, there were a few deciding factors which pushed the amount of RISE I was going to buy even higher. First of all, they boast the highest percentage of returns among the DPOS coins. They also have an incubator program where they help build and test for startup blockchain projects. The catch is, when the projects use the incubator program, 30% of the initial coins go to the Rise team. Two-thirds of that go to investors in the form of airdrops, you just need to hold your coins in your Rise wallet (not an exchange) and you will get a portion. The remaining coins go to the team directly.

After months of patience, Cormack Lucking, CEO of Rise has finally announced definitive dates for their first snapshots.

On the 31st of each month, for the next six months, a snapshot will be taken of Rise wallets. Each month 5 million LETS tokens will be distributed to Rise holders. More information about Interlet and airdrop qualifications will be released int he coming days.


@oregonpop thanks for post!
Another coin that provides dividends is Komodo. It is currently set at 5% annual return and you can claim interest every 24 hours, so it becomes daily compound if you do end up claiming your money every day.


Thanks for the heads up. I was trying not to buy exclusively platform coins so I passed up Komodo at the time. I'll check it out, I'm obsessed with passive crypto.

What kind of rate of return do you get?

Is this similar to collecting Gas while holding Neo? As in the more you hold the better the reward?

Will have a look into Rise. Thanks for sharing.

It's similar in that aspect, yes. The difference is that you have to vote for a delegate. Delegates do the forging and verifying transactions like proof of stake. The difference between proof of stake and delegated proof of stake is that with delegate voting you don't have to leave your wallet open and running.

NEO is one of my favorites but the returns are pretty small compared to DPOS coins like Ark and Rise.

I didn't know there were so many coins that worked this way. I only learnt about masternodes the other day. If you get in on one of those early the returns are crazy.