Hive Tips! (The Newest Toy From the FullAlt TEAM!)

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What Is #hivetips?

#hivetips is a revolutionary way to reward your favorite and deserving users on the Hive blockchain with a 'tip'! Wait, do you mean just like on the PeakD front end? NO. However, you can surely use it to tip anyone on PeakD or Our first goal though, is to embrace the budding cryptocurrency community that is emerging on Twitter. Let's get into the primary goals behind this project and discuss what we're doing, shall we?
  • Decentralization

  • Tokenizing The Web

  • Diversity


People often toss this term around casually without understanding what it really means. What it means is to break away from larger governing institutions and ultimately governing the self. In the terms of the cryptorealm, that institution is the world banking system. At FullAlt, we are embracing HIVE to assist us in this manner and with #hivetips, we further the notion by adding to our portfolio another way to tokenize the web.

Tokenizing The Web

If you have been following us or stopped by any of @enginewitty's blogs, you've seen that phrase a lot. With #hivetips, we have added a new way to do just that! In this first phase of our new toy, we have fully integrated with #twitter to help spread the word of Hive by allowing you to tip anyone directly on the site with any account you choose via @yabapmatt's keychain.

Videos with simple ways to use the extension (and yes, the mobile app is on its way) will be available to you soon. Please watch this comprehensive video by our developer - @lightproject - (with graphics and editing done by our guru - @inthenow) on how to start using it.


We truly want to make Hive great and nurture it to become the premiere blockchain. By giving people multiple easy ways to harness Hive, and by bridging some of the long gaps between other social media platforms, we believe that diversity will help us - and you - take Hive and cryptocurrency to the mainstream.

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

We invite anyone and everyone to join us in our discord - there is a link right down there - and follow us on our other social media outlets. Would you believe - this entire blog entry was written on our #altyes extension? Totally true. The link below shared from AltYes, will in fact, take you directly to the Google Play Store, where you can add the #hivetips extension to your browser! Enjoy our toys and we look forward to feedback from everyone!

HiveTIPS logo 1.png

Link to the Google Store for download is available Here:

or you can go directly to the Google Store at:

Hive is ALIVE!


For more information about Hive Tips and AltYes, feel free to visit our website:

Read more:
A chrome extension for tipping on social media platforms with HIVE tokens


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I’d suggest that instead of your messages just linking to for account creation, you should prepare a solid landing page of your own that provides a much more exciting vision of Hive, a simple non tech heavy explanation, and perhaps utilizes the account creation workflow through @hiveonboard, so as not to overwhelm folks with multiple less user friendly options. I don’t think forwarding people to will generate a great conversion rate to new accounts.

Great point, the current services providing signups should really take note of your suggestion here.

That is great feedback.

that and also would be cool if you put ref link to see what conversion rate there is .

Great idea! What happens with the tip if the Twitter user never claims the tip?

Right now, for the time being it is in the account hivetips.pool however, this is already being coded in for the next update to the app whereby if the tip is not claimed withing 30 calendar days, it is returned to sender.

30 days has been a norm used on Hive in the past and it is ample time for people to read the comments on their Tweets or read their Notifications on Twitter.

Great question, glad you asked that question, love getting the info out as to what is in the works.

when you add this return to sender code, it would be interesting to use this as a promotion tool for hive and user account (right now, it could be that decent amount of tweeter users will not make an account). it could almost be as a "airdrop" to people you like on tweeter :D

looks like an great job. need to test this.

Nice idea. This will be good for the community as a whole.

Great work! Do you plan on adding Firefox addon too?

Absolutely, right now, it will work with Chrome, Brave and Netbox (or any other Google clone).

Will you make this extension opensource?

For the time being, we are debating that topic, as the code would be used by "other" chains out there.

Hence why we chose to use Keychain, as that is opensource and a trusted means of storing keys and doing financial transactions with Hive.

We are living in very interesting times and it is clear that some will not stop at anything, theft of funds for example.
Let alone theft of proprietary code.

This is damn too cool. As an ardent user of twitter and a chronic hive enthusiast, this suits me quite well. Hopefully, I can get as much tips as I will be giving out. This will further spread the hive message to the centralised platforms.

Perfect! We had it designed with users like you in mind, hope it works out well and if you have any questions, feel free to hop in our discord or leave us a comment😎

Excellent post! :D And happy to report no issues on my end, everything works just great, easy to use and uncomplicated. Have an awesome day.

Thank you for the all the work with graphics and videos my man. Well done!

Likewise, thanks for all your efforts on marketing and managing the PR team. ;) Have an awesome night.

Hey guys, this project is absolutely remarkable!

Going to be using it a ton with my community.

Quick question, I did a test this evening but the HIVE seems to be sitting in hivetips.pool. Anything else I need to do to get it sent? Did I already mess it up lol

Looking into it my man, there are sure to be a few glitches and are happy that so many people are using it so we can find them!

big things. appreciate you guys taking a peak. i was sure it was my screw up lol

First bug? is twitter not happy with massages? or something else?

you can see that there is a massage on that tweet, but when you open it, there is nothing. and you can see on the blockchain that tip was sent.
hive tips 3.jpg

so clown did not get the tip? he will be a sad clown :D

tried for some other people, it works, looks like i just can't tip the clown :(

Thank you for the feedback! Will definitely look into why that user was being segregated by your tip.

Edit: worked for me? see tweet maybe the clown was tripping over his oversized shoes and didn't see it LOL

He's jinxed, we all know that R0N is jinxed!


Coukd be use to tip with hive-engine tokens as well?

Nope, not yet, maybe one day and the idea of HMT's one day being incorporated has been discussed, so when they get released, we'll be miles ahead of the other blockchains out there.



Can't beat that!

Mobile apps... I am willing to wait for that! Interesting project.

It is on the list, as soon as this is all "perfect" and so far so good, just little things to look into and read what people suggest and incorporate what is realistically possible, then we can move forwards with the mobile app.

Til then, will get the next step up and running, that is email and Youtube. (as per the plan)

Great to see interest for the app though, that is real adrenaline boosting feedback!


That was really nice to wait for... Really... Really... Interesting... I will wait for that and to your update on your post...

PLease include in the message of the tip to the recipient that the goal is to make hive more popular. Otherwise the will think it is a virus or scam.

We are only allowed so many characters on twitter but will definitely keep that in mind. Thank you :)

@enginewitty , @inthenow , @lightproject , @guiltyparties

I think that I will be calling it a night, been a long few weeks and months with all the things we are working on and to finally see another one of our projects come to life, just feels awesome.

All I can say is:

Hive is ALIVE!

I'm gonna call it a night, getting to the point where I am practically nodding off behind my laptop again.

Will check in tomorrow to read all the comments and feedback from everyone on Hive.

Am sure that this will help spread Hive and HIVE all over the world to every household with an internet connection & after that we'll concentrate on getting Hive and HIVE to every single mobile phone out there in this world.

Hive, where transfers of crypto are FAST & "FREE"

Can't beat that!

Night all.


well done! this is also a great way for marketing Hive. Looking forward to the firefox extension

You'll know as soon as it is available! If you don't want to wait for the post to drop, you can get on our mailing list at our website and be one of the first to know😎

This is awesome! Kind of projects I like to see coming down the pipe to help integration of Web 2 to Web 3

Building bridges one plank at a time!

Hey now! I am the Building Positive Bridges fellow! 🤘

This is absolutely brilliant! You can spend all day on Twitter tipping your favourite authors in Hive. Everyone loves receiving money. If enough Hive users go and tip certain popular authors on Twitter (and elsewhere?), they will be motivated to create a Hive account to just get the money. What's absolutely crucial is that a really great landing page be built for people to be easily able to create an account. Hive is perfect for tipping. I hope you can add other mainstream platforms in addition to Twitter.

You could try Quora next. There are tons of great authors there who consistently post very high quality answers.

Yes, we have Quora, Medium, and a few others on the board of possible pursuits to expand the Hive Nation. Thank you for the comment! Looking forward to its adoption!

This is a great idea! Good one for the community as a whole.

On and off chain😉

You probably need to create a user dashboard and link it in the comment to the user who received the tips. The dashboard would list the total amount of Hive (and USD) they have received and a history of tips and tippers.

If an author who does not know Hive or crypto, sees You have received 2 HIVE tokens from xxx, they won't know what it is. If they see another comment, they might get curious and click on the link. If they see they have a total of 2 HIVE ($0.50) they might or not ignore it. But if more and more Hivers tip them and the amount goes to say $20, that might start to be different.

Maybe the ability to add a short custom message would be nice too. It can either be added to the bot comments to the user or displayed only in the dashboard.

Already thinking about that one, the current message with proof of transaction is taking up the original 300 character limit.

But we are looking at how to make this possible without spamming Twitter.

sorry, was logged into the wrong account.

the above comment/reply was me!


will copy paste this into the ideas/suggestions list.

Thanks for the feedback and sharing constructive thoughts.

Need to get Hive and HIVE to be a household name!

Hive is ALIVE!

I believe that is already in there in 'History'

I am getting some weird effects when I try to tip. Once I set the amount how should I actually complete the tip?

Clicking the icon creates more sliders. This is in Brave.

Once you confirm the amount, it will set that to default.

Hello thanks for the feedback. Brave browser not auto-updating extensions is an issue that has recently been fixed, and will be rolling out in an update soon. 51

Wow, fantastic project! Great way to spread the word about hive. Well done guys!

Amazing. Boggled a bit.. need to see it in action to appreciate it fully.. but love your work xx

Come back and let us know!

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@ackza, you know dis?

This is a really cool idea and a nice way to reward folks for tweets. Well done!

reddit tips ?

Anything is possible!


Goodluck with the project!

Excelente trabajo, hay que apoyar este proyecto.

Muchas gracias!

Awesome! Installed and working

Thanks for the feedback!

We'll see if we can do Hive Lottery game on Twitter with this.

Interesting idea, good luck!

Oh so we can send tips via other social medias now? Sweet.

And receive ;)

Really good initiative! It is somewhat like what BAT is doing and this will sure draw in some additional users to Hive 😀

This is really impressive and generally good for marketing.

It would be good if you chose a share image for this post that wasn't a giant FACEBOOK logo! 😂

Perhaps set the primary image for the post to something else...

The only issue with browser extension based ideas is the majority of traffic that is switching to mobile. None of these options are easy on a phone. And that's a huge problem.

Also - remove the length restriction on the browser plugin password! I can't use the same one I'm using for KeyChain...

What happens if we tip a person that doesnt have an account? Are the funds returned from the pool back to us after some time?

Yes, the code for that is being tested and will be in the next Google Store update.

So if a person you tip doesn't read the messages, nor look through their notifications in 30 days, the tip is returned.

talk about deja vu Ref:

That reply was from me!

Sorry about any confusion.



We all know that "spam" is not condoned on Hive.

The same principles apply here on Twitter.

Self tipping is not possible. So as to detour people from spamming and abusing Twitter.

How is it not possible? You don't know which twitter accounts i own related to me hive accounts.

i.e. Twitter user @jarvie_twitter can't send a tip to twitter username @jarvie_twitter

Simple enough!

not sure i follow how that prevents abuse but i guess time will tell

Well, it may not "prevent" abuse, as people are very creative when it comes to abuse. However it does prevent people spamming on their own Twitter accounts with the same account.

So if they wish to spam themselves, they will have to do so with different accounts and I can only presume that Twitter monitors IPs so it will still be "noticed" and stopped eventually.

Then someone will say "but IPs can be changed", yes they can and there is only so much that one can do.

Again, we have done what is possible as far as the same account spamming their own accounts with tips from the same account.
This should detour many potential spammers.

Not sure how any abuse would be involved in sending yourself a tip anyway, just a more visible transfer 😜

SPAM & I'm not talking about the ham!

Wow, cool to have this extension. Will it support all the front ends ?

The extension does not interact with any hive frontend sofar.

it is good. This is useful for users who are on Twitter and learn about Hive

Very cool project

Amazing work man!

so excellent! We are looking into this now! great work to bring more awareness of Hive from Twitter!

I would highly recommend that you use because you will have your own referral link, and therefore you can track how many you onboard.
Plus, it's so much easier for the user.

I just registered on here a few minutes ago. Thank you for running this decentralized network.