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AMA Questions, 10/15/2021

Here's the format:

  • The question asked by the player followed by the answer from the Splinterlands team

Development Questions

  • What is the future for creature and summoner abilities? Should we expect new ones with every card set, or will it be every few sets? Just wondering as I'd assume there can only exist so many abilities within an auto-battler before they become either pointless or way too OP. We will try to do a few new abilities and new mechanics but to keep the game in balance.
  • ** **Are there any plans or talks at all about creating a non-auto game mode to potentially expand on capabilities and types of cards? **The main change will be after land expansion, you will have a step to play items and spells. They are also considering another battle mode in the next 3-6 months **
  • Can you please confirm if you are still intending to de-link the DEC burn value to the Card Power value now that DEC value is soaring? **There is no point in burning a card at current values. That is staying linked. **
  • Any plans to bridge Splinterlands NFTs to ethereum, so that they can potentially be traded on Opensea? **Plans to allow cards on other networks like polygon and opensea but currently the gas prices are prohibitive. **
  • Will the halving ability ever be reprinted? If so, will it be after halfling alchemist leaves the modern format? (expecting the answer to be no due to its lore, but I could be wrong) no plan at this moment but maybe next btc halfing

Chaos Legion / Voucher Questions

  • Will we need vouchers to buy CL cards after the presale? Yes for some time during the initial sale. **The plan is for the vouchers to have twice the buying power after presale. **
  • What's the difference between Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers (also difference between Dice/Untamed packs).. Aren't both just packs with cards?** Yes. main difference is riftwatchers is bought with DEC and gets burned when dice/riftwatcher packs are burned. This helps the price of DEC. They are also considering Riftwatchers costing SPS as well.**
  • Will we have a 5% rebate in buying presale CL packs from referral using Credits ? **yes. Should work on using any currency, even DEC. **
  • Is it possible to use BUSD to buy Chaos Legion Packs during the presale? yes.
  • Will there be a second voucher airdrop phase right after the first one for the next 1million packs? **There will be another whitepaper **
  • Can you still avail the bundle discount if you purchased the voucher instead of acquiring it through airdrop? For example you bought 100 vouchers, will you be qualified for the 10 free packs? And is this the same for the promo card? Thanks **yeah, it doesn’t matter how you got them. **
  • Can I stake during the presale and still get a voucher? Or do I need to stake before the presale in order to receive the voucher?** Voucher system begins on the 18th. You can stake at any time and will get vouchers the following day. **
  • Will the modern format have lower power requirements? Will the dec per win differ in both formats? **Currently we are not planning that. **
  • Does the team already know which Dice / Untamed / Chaos rewards cards will be selected to be the new starter deck for modern format? If so, can we get a sneak peek at what the new starter deck may be?** Doesn’t matter when you register but after CL is released, the common and rares from untamed and cl will be started deck **
  • Are all of the cards that are given as a bonus for purchasing bulk quantities (such as the bonus for buying 100 packs at once) included in the 15 million cards? Or will there technically be more than 15 million, including the bonus packs for bulk purchases? Bonuses are included. There will not be more than 15 million.
  • to get the guaranteed promo card for buying 50 cl packs does it all have to come from the in game store or can some come from 3rd party stores like hive?** From directly purchased from Splinterlands. Not 3rd party **
  • I plan to purchase 100 CL packs. Where do I purchase the vouchers in order to buy those 100 CL packs? Airdropped vouchers for staking SPS. You can buy more from hive engine
  • How big of a reduction is the power requirements for modern format? Is it possible to decrease it by 50%? none and no.
  • Do bonus packs received during the pre-sale, but after the original 1M packs, count for the pre-sale promo? E.g. if I buy 0 packs until the last day of the pre-sale and amass 100 vouchers, then use them all when there are 100 presale packs left, do the 10 extra packs I get (for buying 100 packs at once) each have a 2% chance for the pre-sale promo?
  • On normal sales, is no voucher needed? Exact details will be published. Current plan is for some time after presale, still give out vouchers.

SPS / Airdrop / Staking Questions

  • Will there be a sps burning mechanism soon? Based on the whitepaper, I didn't find any. Thanks in advance. Yes. nothing planed yet but there will be. My SPT is in my Hive Engine Wallet but it's not being counted for Airdrop. How do you include SPT for the airdrop? Thanks in advance. Send support request Is there an incentive for the people who staked longer than someone who will stake on the day of the pre-sale? Yes. Vouchers are staked days In the SPS whitepaper it says that 6,250,000 SPS will be given out each month for the Land Expansion. Is that going to be like an airdrop to each landowner? Or is it earned by working the land? We arent sure yet. Airdrop would be burning. Working the land would be more fun The Chaos White Paper says that vouchers will likely be used after the presale. Will the daily voucher drop rate be the same rate of 33,000 vouchers daily? That will change. The most value for the vouchers is now For the SPS ranked battles, the release of SPS is going to still start at 7.5 mil per month, right? I want to say that but I'm not sure it can, given this chart which shows all of the tokens being released at the same time. Will it be shifted over or will there be a massive influx of SPS in the SPS reward pool in the first month (since it is starting 2 months after SPS airdrop)? Yes. it will still start at 7.5 a month.. There will be a new updated that shows more accurate
  • How many airdrop points does the legionnaire title give? 100,000 Is there a timeline for SPS Drops for Brawls? Seems like adding it first would be a great DEC sink with voucher drop we want that. Currently theres no end result for brawl yet but intention is to make one Are Gladius packs and cards counted for SPS airdrops? I think so Do you think you weighed the value of DEC too heavily in the airdrop? I’ve been staking everything I’ve earnt and have bought a lot more. There’s really no reason for me to not swap it all for DEC. The tournament entry is a wash because even though I have enough to enter silver league tournaments I just get smashed by diamond league players. As for the vouchers, even if vouchers cost $20 I’ll still earn enough sps in the airdrop by swapping to DEC to buy more vouchers than I’ll get in the drop. You’ve said that you want people to stake as much sps as possible, but I really don’t see the value in staking my SPS over swapping it to DEC., even with the DEC price pump and potential collapse. Possibly. We published a paper and then the market takes over

Renting Questions

  • I know for some of the tournaments there is a power requirement to enter but if you have cards rented out then it takes away from your power to be able to enter. Are there any plans to make splinterlands tournament power requirements to include rented cards so you can compete and not affect your rental income? no Any plans to allow cards to be playable whilst advertised for sale/rent? no Any way to improve the speed of transactions? It can be frustrating trying to rent cards that take 15 seconds to tell you someone already took it. Currently no. There’s room to make the UI better but on the same chain.
  • peakmonser.com - creating an automated system for rental bids. There will be 2 types of bids. 1. Bid on a single monster “im willing to get this monster for 3 dec/day” 2. Bid on collection power per dec. “I want 100cp and will pay 5 dec for it”
  • Nate made these graphics -
  • The tome of Chaos https://www.splintertalk.io/@splinterlands/tome-of-chaos-the-collection A central hub for the stories about chaos legion during presale. Origins of Dr blight is live now
  • Every friday around noon time there will be a new story added to the CL ethos. They will also release an NFT that has to do with that story and then drip 3 more over the week.
  • 1st NFT released every friday at noon est. There will also be a special animated NFT release each week as well to close out the week’s story.
  • Chaos legion trailer
  • Other Questions
  • How do you recognize cards that have been converted from alpha to beta? Weird conversion rates I know it's still too early to ask but I want to know what will be the estimated price range of riftwatchers because currently the dec value is comparatively higher than months ago when azmire dice was released. It’ll probably be some market value. Maybe it’ll require vouchers With the Chaos Legion about to infiltrate the Splinterlands, I am sure the land expansion will have a lower priority currently, but still many are extremely hyped for this. In the previous AMAs I have heard you mention Guilds are about to play a bigger role. Is this in relation to the companies we could form through working the landscape? Is there a consensus on how Guilds could play a more important role when accessing the Land will be around the corner? That all comes into land phase 3. 6months to a year away The fact that trample ability does not work in super sneak mode is intentional? If so, why is it not described in the ability? Thanks. It does work. On lands, how many Summoner & Monster cards will be able to be parked on them? 1 summoner and 6 monster cards like in a battle? Until it’s rolled out, we don’t know. Theres many weird things we can do but wait for wait paper What will be available first: wild or modern? Probably wild Can guilds be set up with an auto tithe feature? i.e. x% of your matches goes towards guild buildings and gets capped at a set amount (or not) possible in future What is maverick status and how do we get it. Also do we only get the chaos title if we get 1000 packs in pre-sale or we get it if we buy the packs after pre-sale status is just status. Discord thing only. You get direct access to the devs. They have to be bought from splinterlands, not 2ndary market

Suggestions / Requests

  • What about a +5% DEC bonus for winning without losing a single card / "flawless victory" clean sweep. Bonus idea add a sweet banner/animation to celebrate also cool idea. Low priority Can we have some sort of rating system for players who rent cards (for renter and rentee) for people who cancel before the time is up? Or a way to mark / tag users so one can know who not to rent from or to due to cancellations? Honestly, if I rent a card for 3 days , I want to rent that card for 3 days, not 2 days. Maybe. But low priority. Make your own if you would like. I guess one of my biggest frustrations with the game is that every day it is a surprise to see which rentals got cancelled. In the previous ama Matt was looking into the option to rent cards for a specific time. Like a week or so. What i would like to see is the option to rent until current season end. This way you can build your deck for any season, without any overlap. So you are able to switch splinters the next season. This would make it much more convenient for the renter, and the one renting cards out can choose if they want to use this option or not. It’s on the radar Hello, I have a suggestion since there is an alarming rate of accounts being hacked. Is it possible to introduce a new feature so we could lock DEC like how we lock cards or our staked sps? so hackers can't transfer DEC easily. Maybe. OR the devs could implement a feature where a OTP is sent to the player's registered email when transferring sps / DEC. just for added security Can you offer an option to those renting out their cards, that allows them to specify a time duration that the card is available? (example, 1 day) that is messy. Maybe until EOS Can brawls get a voucher drop pool?no. only sps stakers Considering the price of Regions, can we add an extra security like a lock system similar to what cards have now? (Congratulations on that $700K sale on the region!)yes Could you make it so that each player has an opportunity to purchase a minimum number of packs (even 1??) and then if they don't do so by a certain date they are kicked to the broader, voucher managed pool? If you own a voucher, you’re guaranteed to be able to buy a pack


  • Question: If we know people are matching vs their own alternate accounts for boosts on purpose, can we report this sort of activity? This particular player for example, has abused this multiple times already. Two of the instances is from this current season as well. It just seems that there should be some sort of deterrence, prevention, or punishment for illegitimate competition. I have already been cheated out of $100s myself. Corna can say the same, and probably many others. There probably may be some rules about submitting blank teams into tournaments but take it to #tournmaentplanning on discord to talk about it. QUESTION will older promo codes that werent redeemed due to supply shortage be able to be used in CL or is there a still a way to receive the packs and promo cards from those codes. Old promo codes will still work When wil be full release of CL? The week after 5th week in the presale? It’s a good target but up to cryptomancer How big is the impact of spells and items in game? Considering that not all players have lands, and not having access to spells and items. You’ll all have access through the market to all of them. Hey aggy when are we going to address trophy feeding? It is becoming a HUGE problem on leaderboards. Happened so many seasons and seems real unethical. I'm pretty sure you said that you will address it when it becomes a problem before during a end of season ama and I feel like it is becoming one. Could we just ban them from ranked rewards? Yeah. it’s bad. Put into tournament planning for now. Im super hesitant to ban players from ranked rewards ETA for Riftwatch?? Sometime after chaos legion after choas , is it the frozen throne era? After rightwatchers, they are planning REBELLION If i buy packs on day 1 of the presale, when will I start receiving the 300 airdrop points per pack? The second hat you have packs in your walllet Given the massive rise in DEC value, is there any plan to change the soft peg or algorithm that determines supply creation? No. we do not react when something is broken. As price moves, we dont. Do you have any plans to replace staking requirements for tournaments for Voucher payment given Vouchers are a function of staking? Possibly switch to vouchers as payment Do we have guaranteed airdrop pack limits yet for the airdrop cards similar to last release? No rentals - do you plan to also add "binding" rent for X days that cant be canceled? To compare current being "1day with renewal" not decided yet Doesn't having voucher requirements AFTER Pre-Sale defeats the purpose of helping new players to get ahead? as its impossible they will have enough voucher to compete with older players with much better collection. I get the pre-sale is to reward older players but having it after pre sale really is no different from the situation newer players are facing now….expensive, unattainable packs packs are not the first place to go for new players. Brand new players should find the best cards at certain levels and get those cards in particular. We haven’t setout the voucher plan yet but in the future they may not be required to buy Have you thought about fixing quest potions problem but making them percentage of the actual quest price. So 75 cents in bronze league for example with 100% of normal price would no Will both ranked ladders (new and old cards leagues) have both rewards SPS and DEC? Yes Will there ever be another land sale? Yes but limited. It wont be soon. Question: is there any chance that my own cards will have more airdrop points than dec? I think collection power should have more pts in the airdrop thoughnot sure Is there a timeline to make potions a tradable asset? No what are the benefits of owning a guild and it is worth it for a player to take that on? Discounts when buying things like riftwatchers. Discounts on potions. guild is almost useless now and consumes a lot of DEC, will there be better functions in the future? Yes

A land region sold for over $672k wax

There is no current plans for more land. If there were to be in the future, it would be put to vote to SPS holders and it would benefit current land holders.

Learn about land here https://docs.splinterlands.com/land

CHAOS LEGION Launching on monday Oct 18th

  • Legionnaire titles given for buying 1000 packs. You get 2 titles if you buy 2000 packs.
  • You need a voucher in addition to the price of the pack to buy.** That means that if you have a voucher, there will 100% be a pack waiting there for you to buy. There’s a discount if you buy your packs with SPS.**
  • Different formats of ranked play. Wild and Modern. Wild ranked play will use any and all cards Modern will be the most recent sets.
  • The reward pool will be doubled. 1 reward pool for wild and 1 for modern.

Want to see which cards/lineups win the most?

I'm developing a tool where once you start a battle, you can see a list of highest % win builds for that battle's manacap and ruleset using only the cards you have.

If you'd like to become a beta tester, join this Discord channel