Collaboration: Hive x Amasa

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Hive continues to forge relationships within the cryptosphere and the Web 3.0 space. We are regularly exploring synergies that underline our core values of decentralization and transparency.

This week we are excited to announce our growing collaboration with Amasa, a brand new DeFi micro-income platform.

Read Amasa's announcement

About Amasa

Amasa will allow people to take advantage of DeFi opportunities in the background of their everyday life. Income earned can be put into “set and forget” portfolio options with varying risk tolerances. So you can get access to the best DeFi protocols and leverage the knowledge of experts, all from the convenience of a single smartphone app. Read more

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What to expect

Amasa is scheduled to launch early next year. It is projected to initiate integration with Hive into its subsequent release after the initial launch.

Hive users will be able to use their Hive accounts to connect with Amasa, allowing for the inclusion of Hive within the micro-income stream framework that Amasa offers. Not only will this benefit existing Hive users who wish to explore parallel options but it will also amplify the global awareness of Hive and all our ecosystem has to offer.

We are still at the early stages of integration planning and milestones will be identified and communicated in due time.


More collaborations, more wins. We keep forging ahead. Kudos to those working behind the scene

Amazing news and is great to see Hive anchoring itself in different integrations and this DeFi with set and forget strategy for sure will be on the like of many from here. Such movements add to use cases from here, expands the user base and exposes Hive to so many others!

Looking forward to see how it works!

Looking forward to more wins

It's so nice to see these good news, this is actually what hive needs, when the big players come to the hive Blockchain things will go even more smoothly specially if there's a real app behind that solves problems

There is no way this kind of message about Amasa will come to my attention apart from Hive. Though I am two days late, thanks for this update! Tweeted and bookmarked it!

Wow! Amazing news. Looking forward to see how it works!

Hive does not have a good popularity
Even some cryptocurrency that is not strong as hive has more followers than hive on social media platform
May be this is the cause of hive price not yet reaching 5 USD and it's market capacity not yet surpass 500 million dollars

Great collaboration with amasa. I will love to ask if the team has plan on creating airdrops for hive users?

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕❤️

You mean an airdrop of AMAS?


I will inquire with their team and get back to you.

The Amasa team does not have any AMAS airdrop plans at this time.

🎉The more collaborative the better! Welcome Amasa!
Great things are coming! Can´t wait!🎉

Can’t wait to explore. I know it will be a sure opportunity to grow into the crypto world

Lots of interesting things slated for Hive ecosystem in 2022. That should be some year!

Quite new on Hive and still working my way around, but from what I see this Amasa idea is a good and a great way to empower us through these new interface..👌

Looks promising and definitely will be some great results for both block chains. Can't wait to learn more and see it rolled out.

I like the portfolio approach. Especially the set and forget system if it has any. This could open up very strong financial inclusion doorway for people on hive :)

excited to see how amasa will connect to hive... all d best ....

Interesting, I'll check it out!

That's a great news for both Hive and amas ! I hope the app will not be blocked in France like a lot of them !PIZZA

It is very interesting to know that we belong to an ecosystem that expands every day, new collaborations and new learning, I want to see how it works with hive.

all aboard the hype train :)

Sounds nice, will check it out!

That sounds awesome!


@tipu curate

I love all those partnership! Congrats for the hard work :)


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Integration is good and inspires me. Thank you for your work for the benefit of the project!