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Amazing Nature-01

Potawatomi Falls on Black River in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan.


Potawatomi is the name of one of the native tribes.

The falls are about 15 miles north of Bessemer, Michigan. The Black River flows through hemlock and northern hardwood forests and there are a series of scenic waterfalls as the river drops to enter Lake Superior.



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Very very beautiful.

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Those are very nice waterfalls .. I ecspecially like the view on it through the branches .. lucky Potawatomi to had the chance to live beside this beautiful series of waterfalls^^

Beautiful photos, the water looks sensational through the trees!

Fantastic photos! What a beautiful area!

A place I know well! My grandparents lived just outside Bessemer, MI, and we used to go to Black River Harbor almost every time I visited. There are quite a few nice waterfalls in the area. Too bad that, when the mines shut down, the area became depressed and many of the structures derelict. It really is an amazingly beautiful area, though!

So beautiful i love looking at waterfalls :)

Looks like its fun to jump in there Mel! I love waterfall and rivers! How about the water temperature, is it warm like today summer?

Pretty cold water compared to what is would be near you. Much of this river turns to ice in the winter.

Oww no possible to playing with the water, but they are awesome!

HOwdy Melinda! Those are such beautiful shots!