I can't breathe

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Freezing in my agony, each second tends to take away a minute of my life

Gazing into the night skies and oh, what a wonderful world inhabited by lost souls

Feeling of rejection, betrayal and guilt, what do they share in common? I sought

Within these walls are sins, but also love, so much hope and effort persist

I can't breathe, I can't live, the silence is frightening

I am in need of a savior but I am not asking for favors

I searched, I wondered why it hurts so much

The love, the love, a voice would whisper "that it was so much"

For a slight moment I feel comfort, I smile, the acknowledgement of the love I gave

Responsible, that's all I felt of everyone around me

I gave, I gave, but never saved some of it for myself

The world comes caving in and I realize there's no one there for me

It hurts, it burns, my eyes, heart and lungs

My mind can no longer pretend the darkness of losing my pearl isn't there

In tears, inhale, the cold laughs of the devil mocks me by the door

How did we come this far to fall this low?

Time heals all wounds but time could leave the nastiest scars.


I'm sorry you had to learn it the hard way. But this is reality. No one is coming to save you but you. And at some point, you need to understand that every man is for himself.

And that if you do not save a portion for yourself, they will milk you dry, and when everything's finished, they will move on to the next.

But, don't worry, time makes everything better, and if you wait, the grass will grow again.

It's what you do while waiting that matters. I do hope you make the right choices moving forward.

Sending hugs and kisses.

Btw, was that tag supposed to be, another fucking nonfiction? You missed the "n" and the "g" ... Lol

The tag is meant to mean "A mother fucking nonfiction", the misspelling is intentional.

And thank you for the wholesome words of advice.

Oh. That's cute 🥰

You are welcome