Motion Granted Again-Dismissal with Prejudice After Sham Trial

in #anarchy4 years ago

Another motion was granted, this time after a sham trial. It is also with prejudice which is significant. If there was evidence the constitution and code applied to us, then they would just provide it. I also address the common criticisms of my work and how this is more proof such claims are false.


Excellent. I'm curious what drives you to pursue these frontal assaults in the courts. It's excellent work, sometimes the arguments work but most of the time they don't, no matter how sound the logic and well presented it is.

In one respect it's testimony of the power of perseverance. On the other hand the game is rigged so why continue to play?

It takes a lot of skill to litigate and keep one's composure. I am glad there are people like you who have such skill for those who find themselves in situations where they have no choice but to either pursue a defense or give up. You serve as a prime example of how to mount a defense in a logical manor, and also are up front in telling people about the risks involved.

We met in Austin TX well over 10 years ago, I don't recall the exact venue or seminar. It was a year or 2 after you published the first edition of Adventures in Legal Land, and I enjoyed watching you explain some of it's concepts to people who were skeptics or just couldn't get past their cognitive dissonance.

Glad to see you here on Steemit, I'm resteeming this article for wider visibility.

I'm driven because I want to help people and more often than not we prevail. I'd like to come back to Austin, spoke to someone on the show a few weeks ago about making that happen.

Great stuff Marc. Fighting them right on and showing the delusion. Brave. Resteemed.

Marc, it's really good to see you doubling down with doing more No State Project content on youtube and getting into social media. If you haven't already encountered @hilarski, he's someone that offers a social media service called 200social that could help you reach more people. He recently did an interview with Jeff Berwick on Anarchast

Thanks, youtube is really the only social media where I reach people. This, reddit and facebook haven't really helped at all. You'll notice I get downvoted pretty hard here too, just like reddit. It's why I stopped posting here for a while.