Harmony Os is Coming

in #android3 years ago

The Huawei system, known as Harmony OS, is nearing the market a little intensively, and Huawei itself expects that at the end of the year it will have 300 million devices running it.

What do we know about him? Not much, the truth is, the videos I downloaded show the smoothness of my affair. If the practical experience has proven this really, with the presence of all the programs that any person needs in his day, then they have a really strong opportunity to come back.

It is also noticeable that their focus is always on the idea that it is not a system directed at mobile phones, but rather, it is applied to work on Arabic, TV, tablets, literally anything so that it remains in contact between all their devices in a much better way.

I am waiting to try this system, the one in the market you have now is Android and IOS, just like that, and Windows Phone even though it had sweet needs but it failed. Samsung always feels like it is a "side need"

However, in the case of Huawei, it is forced to succeed, because now the new operating system is based on a project on this project (although it started like this in 2016), so all the company's direction and the master plan remain with their what they are working to achieve with all their ability because their success is from its success.

So the question for you remains, would if you find a new operating system that is really good and offers you what you need, would you think about moving and not? 😃