Anonramblings HF24 update

in #anonramblings22 days ago (edited)

AnonRamblings - a place to share your inner thoughts, with the protection of anonymity.

Just posted an update to the AnonRamblings so the website and HIVE bridge started working again.

Related fixes:

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 17.44.47.png

Changed field name on CommentOption operations

Screen Shot 2020-11-04 at 17.44.34.png

Response structure is changed for get_content.

Github repository is updated already. This was a late fix since I don't check Anonramblings much lately. Please let me know if you see some hiccups in the future.


After HF24 you cannot ask for get_content in the first 10-20 seconds.

I see, I think the related block needs to be irreversible for get_content to be ready? Good info, but not really a problem for anonramblings case.

It is because Hivemind now handles get_content and it is 10-20 seconds behind rpc nodes.

Just a note, it's not percent_hive_dollars. It's percent_hbd. But you're taking the default, so it doesn't actually matter.

oh, right, yes. Thanks for the warning.