anonramblings update

in #anonramblingslast month (edited)

SSL certificate of anonramblings was invalid for a couple of days. Since I was in my summer holidays, it took me some time to handle the credentials and SSH access in the server to update the certificate.

Since certbot/letsencrypt certificates are valid for much smaller time frames lately, here is a command to update the certificates when necessary:

$ certbot renew --post-hook "systemctl reload nginx"

Add that into a daily crontab entry, and you're good to go. On a side note, anyone care to comment on this farting problem?

On a very unrelated note, I or dpoll team has no relation to website. The application is open-source and everyone free to fork/run it in a different chain.


Saw your message. I have voted for you as a witness. Do you have discords with upvote bots or anything like that? I'm looking to grow my acct.

Thank you