antifa/blm starting fires in rural Oregon

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Jeff Demologik Acord appears to start a live stream after "coming upon" a fire. He was arrested for starting the fire. He has BLM and ANTIFA support protest live streams on his facebook.


BREAKING: Possible ANTIFA Member Arrested For Starting Fires In Washington State

4chan claims

Cops are responding to a "Mass casualty incident in Clackamas, militia have killed multiple arsonists.

The police radio feed is currently nothing but radio checks

[Update: feed has some traffic as 0f 20:50; nothing to indicate a fire fight earlier]

some police agencies are also reporting false rumors

we'll trust them as far as they have proven themselves to arrest other antifa terrorists caught on camera...oops

speaking of oops, guess who Douglas Cty. has in it's hoosegow, on what charge...

nothing to see here, move along, move along...he doesnt look like an antifa subhuman whatso-ever


I guess in this case, they only have ONE antifa in jail for arson, not 6

however, remember that what is true in one case may not be true in others. a case of actual antifa arson may cause false rumors of others

Man arrested on arson allegation in wildfire west of Eugene, deputies say

Other arsonists caught
30-year-old transient Jesse Peterson.. felony arson in Sonora after a witness reported seeing the man purposely start a fire.
Wesley Marcello Reed: 39, of Red Bluff was arrested Friday and charged with arson of a structure or forest land. No bail was set.
36-year-old Christine Comello, who lied to police about her name. Comello had a felony warrant for burglary and reckless burning, tied to another incident a few weeks prior where she reportedly started fires at a Spokane Valley business.... starting fires in East Spokane

If Oregon officials are denying that it's Antifa causing the arson, the same officials who allowed Portland to be basically Antifa territory for the last few months, then it's definitely Antifa sparking fires as retaliation against those Trump counter protestors who drove in a couple weeks back in those truck convoys.

Remember she is laughing at the people of Oregon as they suffer and die under her incompetent leadership. Kate Brown needs to pay

Only democong would blame "climate fraud" for their own brownshirts' political terrorism


This is horrible but predictable news. Terrorists and arson are hand and glove.

As a civilian enjoying Gov. Kate Brown's 'leadership', I say 'if it's Brown, flush it down.' It's a bizarre theory Brown promulgates that higher CO2 levels will cause conspiracies of arsonists. Maybe we'll get lucky and her tinfoil hat will slip and cover her big, lying mouth.

Arson is a capital crime in reasonable jurisdictions because it kills people. Let's hope just prosecution of these attempted murderers guts Antifa before Antifa guts more of we the people. Given the deplorable government Oregon is afflicted with, I don't expect just prosecution at all.

All I can say is that failure of government forces people to rule themselves. While the big cities in Oregon are full of Commies, the rest of Oregon can handle their business.


stay safe my friend

one of the 4chan theories was that the democong know Oregon is in play, so they are trying burn out as many rural voters as possible before the election

sorry, the article I wrote is sloppy; cant concentrate to verify links

Talent is gone. I lived there. I've lived in Molalla too, and I dunno if it still exists. My sons and family keep their pets at hand, in case they need to evacuate immediately. The fires continue to approach.

There is death in my heart. I would not want to be spotted by me lighting a fire tonight.

I'm listening to the Clackamas County Sheriff's radios since I saw your post. At least three times since then they have been called to arsons. Locals are out in force, roadblocks and checkpoints keeping out outsiders. The cops don't mind the checkpoints. It means less fires will be set.

God help us all.

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