I agree with the all comments above!Beautiful and also icy view and a great song!💖

Can’t wait till seeing them!⛄️❄️🏂

Awesome song must have been a great time on the slopes! Have a fantastic weekend my friend!

It was a fantastic moments with my family in the place covered by snow☃️ and it’s time to go back to warm & sweet home🏡 Thanks!

Love that song!!

Sad but beautiful like my complecated emotion to snow❄️

Wow you got alot of snow.

Yep! Lots of snow only over a night on those cars🌙🌨🚙

love the snow always beautiful shot :)

Likewise! Snow is enough reason why I like winter season❄️

hahha those fast and furious lyrics lol enjoyed that such a nice shot 😀

which is one of my favorite song sometime I am playing the guitar🎸 Thanks!

brrr it looks very cold people in South Africa will not survive😊🤗

Thanks:) Fall to ten degrees below zero is also hard to survive😉

Beautiful show of snow !!


lots to tell about that .... time to live this moment 😊

Exactly! C U again😉