Great goldenhour photography. The sky looks magical. Have a great week.

Thank you, you as well.

Ooooh, such serenity and beauty, really live this sunset shot!

It is peaceful here, around sunset especially.

where's the margarita and joint? 😎✌️ have a good weekend

Some sunsets are so nice you just don’t need any enhancement. Hope you and your family are making it through the wet cold days. This time of year always seemed to drag on for me in Oregon. It seemed like it had been winter for ever, and I was usually getting stir crazy thinking of how much longer till spring. I hope you get some sunshine soon. Until then I’ll keep send some your way ☀️

Hi @choosefreedom,
I miss the summer sun. A good photo.

Thank you, summer is just around the corner, and another beautiful growing season awaits friend ✌️💚😁