30 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall - or 360 months! I can remember the night ...

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... of November 9th - the German 9/11, in 1989: My mother took me, 9 years old, to the center of Berlin, were I lived during Allied occupation on the western side.

We weren't alone. Thousands were on their way to the wall, the infamous symbol of separation and control. On this day, the border in Berlin opened up and people were climbing and dancing on the wall. I wanted to join them, but was still a child and my mother denied it.

Everything is connected. The 30th anniversary today, is also connected to the Phoenix (the center of my previous posts), or in this case, the "Fenix", which is the Old English spelling of the same mythological bird of fire and rebirth.


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Remember that day. I was stationed in Bayern in the mid 80s in the Army. Got to visit Berlin before the wall came down. 30 years, how times have changed (still have a small piece of the wall a German friend sent years ago).

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I remember watching it on TV. I was only young too but it was so momentous. The world cried and laughed with you.

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