This photo is art😀 Nice hairstyle!👌

Here in Italy not so good! It's a real problem, for people health and economy of the country! Please don't underestimate it!

i don't, for sure. we have friends in the area of Turin and they report us daily. i hope you're safe and this will get better soon✌🏻

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thanks my friend✌🏻

Are you coming for my look??? Eheheh

can't touch this🤙🏼

Nice hair!!! Getting to be a problem here too. Mostly the fear...

I was going to comment on the hair too. Ahahaha it looks funny. Lol

Stay safe dear 🤔 Corona also attack in Bangladesh 😥

stay safe you too✌🏻thank you

Hope it warms up soon for you! The media has a great way of scareing people! For some reason people are panic buying toilet paper and actually fighting over it, Lol, its really quite rediculous!! Im glad I live in the country an hour from town up in the mountains, lol!!!

yes, same here. its crazy but we had to take messurements as well, even tho we didn't want to panic. but what would we do if one day the basics are not available anymore in the super market. lets stay possitive and hope for the best, greetings Karen

Yes indeed, im glad we are always well stocked up living an hour out in the country especially in the winter because of bad roads, wishing you all the best my friend!

Corona will pass soon, I'm sure of it. I thought they found a cure already, did they?

heared the same, let's hope for the best. stay safe bro✌🏻

The situation is turning slowly into a nightmare. So far everything is more or less still available. But I guess it’s a matter of time till the virus spreads was faster. 😬

yes I assume you are ramps up for sure here in Spain these days

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