TRAFFIC | Turbulent times on our blockchain. Attacks, misleading articles, grief, ...

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... betrayal... let’s see what else we got to expect. What’s you opinion on the softfork and Justin Sun‘s move? Photo: Rush time in Beijing.


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1: Pointing out that the softfork was already in the code of the chain as a mechanism to stop stake voting witnesses agreed by stinc.
2:SF222 wasn't done by hackers and was promised to be withdrawn by witnesses when a conversation and agreement over what his stake was to be used for happened.
3:He over rided the governance of steem after promising a discussion, essentially a delay tactic.
4: Justin Sun misrepresented the truth (lied his ass off) about the soft fork being an action by hackers.
5:Finally, his collusion with exchanges using other peoples crypto (steem) assets to vote without their consent.

These are facts. #steemnottron #justindidit #nedisasellout. ##### In all honesty it was an interesting community meeting today. Most are keeping it positive since we have 7 witnesses of ours back in place. And that Sun interview with the witnesses was interesting to say the lease. 🍿 Now we are in the position to negotiate before we fork. Either way its good so far. Alot to consider today and more or less a winning situation while everyone stays positive. It's all good. But its not over yet.

Wow! I really love this photo! Im really trying to stay away from all the depressing Drama...All we can do is wait and hope for the best! I hear from markymark that its Now the end of Steemit. But Not the end of STEEM. I say Stay Calm and Appics/Apx On!

Crazy things goin on for sure. Staying calm seems like a good option 👍🏻

Nothing more to do. Just wait and hope!

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