Love this one! Its super funky! For some reason, the preview for this post and your previous post are not showing up on Steempeak (on my side anyway). The preview only shows the appics logo... I had to open them to view... just thought you should know!

Loving this collection of pics though - oh... and was super to "meet" your brother :)

I am glad that you like it. Guess that is an Appics issue.
Yeah. First I met @jankapsarec on Steemit and then we caught up in real life a few times too. Steem connects people ;-)
Thank you very much.

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Much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Another beautiful wall art. This are really nice. Thanks for share.

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That's another terrific graffiti work. I think there are so many graffiti works. Nice capture.

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Thank you very much :-)

Lol It's like a challenge. “Who is not with me is against” :)

Haha. Thank you @magnata :-)

Yes, Excellent!

musst du eigentlich suchen um was neues zu finden oder findest die einfach im vorbeilaufen?

Das ist eine Stelle an der legal gesprüht werden darf. Ich laufe dort 1-2 mal pro Woche vorbei und schaue ob sich was neues getan hat. Man könnte sagen das ist eine Quelle unendlicher Graffitis ;-)

haha ok, sehr gut. Dann bin ich mal gespannt was morgen kommt :)

I have never seen anything like that before. Interesting. Thanks @lichtblick.

Thanks for stepping by :-)

Awesome fun always this is to checkout amazing graffiti

Interesting. I'm just wondering why it's Asian style.

The style reminded me on masks which I have seen in Thailand and Bali.
Thanks for stepping by :-)

Soo is beautifuul..
I like this image

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