Us it possible to generate almost 6000 apx in a month? Yes it is, I am the proof. ...

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... In less than 4 weeks, thanks also to all of you, I generated 6000 apx power .

Many thanks to the great appics community.
The next goal is to reach the 10.000 apx power.


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Grande nick 😃

Grazie bomberr😋

Congrats! This is very cool, @nick00!


Superb nick...that's good...that's inspiring...and let us know the tips to reach that level...

Thank you and never give up ☀️

Very nice💕Hodl💕

That's really awesome😉

You're right😄

Congrats 🎉 tell us your secret :)

Mmm, for me is not a problem, in the next few days.. stay toned 😄

I want to know too! I'm new to the community

Superb! So happy for you and love this community!

I approve 🖐️

Hey buddy i read in your Bio that you are from Treviso, Italy! Actually I'm planning to visit Italy soon, and will be visiting Naples, Florence & Venice! So can i ask you if it is safe to travel there, considering the CoVid 10 outbreak? What is the ground reality, I don't really Trust the media..

If I were you I would book the flight and hotel as soon as possible for 2 reasons: the first because prices are low and secondly because there are few people in the city for covid19. yesterday I was in Venice because I work there and there is no fear of getting the virus. for me outside the outbreak the risk of catching the virus is low, the same probability of being around the world especially if you go to naples or florence. the biggest problem with this virus is journalists and fake news.

Thanks for sharing buddy! Will be planning something soon.. it also depends now if an Italy visa is granted..

Don't worry, went here as soon as possible. in the next days, before leaving I can recommend you some place to visit.


Thanks a lot 😄

Congratulations @nick00!
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