Haha, the price is so low you would be crazy to sell right now! Im staking all mine like my other tokens and waiting for the price to go up. I need to frame up half my house as we are living patially in a traler all winter, and was hoping to make enough to finish the other half but as usual something always happens to stop us! Anyways Stake it all and dont power down!!

I’m in panic , if you want i sell you 100k of my apx , 1 apx = 1$ are you interesting?

hmmm... I expected some volume discount for the OTC offer ... :)

If you want my apx this is the offer 😬 no discount

Got it.
In the mean time, I keep buying em slowly on SE, at $0.0122
(-99% discount)

I’m panic buying lol

Let's keep staking it

Nows the time to Buy!!!!

No dear 😇