Why I'm so excited about APPICS ?

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What is APPICS ?

Appics is a social media app that allows you to earn money by posting your own content. Appics is inspired by Steemit. Appics is not just an app it's more than that ! even people who doesn't have knowledge about cryptocurrency they will start to learn about it effortlessly.


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How To Earn on Appics App:

Appics users can earn by posting own content, liking/upvote, rewarding others post, and being active and giving value of others content.


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The digital currency of Appics is (XAP). Appics allows you to send XAP peer to peer in a minute without third parties. Appics gives you a control of your personal information and transactions.


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Entrepreneurs and Shop

For Entrepreneurs users allows you to integrate your business to Appics App and sell it online. Appics Users allows you to shop online using Appics App and pay using your digital money (XAP) without converting to fiat.


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It's exciting.... isn't ???

Let's buy some tokens don't wait the (XAP) will price up! let me share to you my referral link click here .. and you can download the white paper from Appics for more information. See you there :)

Thank you so much for your time....

Have A Nice Day !


Thanks for the info :)

you are very welcome...

Looks good I am tempted to check it but think I will focus my efforts on Steemit

yes of course. .. Steemit its amazing and this is my 1st social media ... ♡♡♡

Parang gusto ko subukan hehe

why not... :)

Very excited indeed. Wanted to be part of their pre sale, but a little above my investment budget :).

wait for the ICO maybe they will give discount !

Patiently waiting :)

Musta naman jan, sis? Ok ba kita? :)

d pa sia na lalaunch..sis... ICO plang... so its time to buy tokens mababa pa presyo... buy some more for more value ng upvote mo..and u can buy using STEEM. :)

Wow looks good ma'am I know you will be one of it's pioneer :) since you them alot :)

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